Wear It Like A Mom!

Fall is quickly approaching and I love all things Fall fashion. I am always excited to see the trends, bold, beautiful colors, and to see someone in white after Labor Day (hehe)! As of late, I feel restricted. There are all these rules for how a mom should and should not dress. Don’t show up to school like this, too much cleavage, cover yourself, what would your kids think, blah, blah blah. I know I’ll get some flak for this and honestly I’m ready for it, I’m ready for healthy, productive conversation surrounding fashion, not what I should wear as a mom.

I am a creative! My creative juices flow, sometimes through writing, singing, drawing, and the way I dress! I am a curvier lady so I love to wear clothing that accentuate my curves. As I have this discussion with a few friends I discover that there is a belief that a mom should dress a certain way and if she doesn’t her parenting skills are called into question. I’m not sure how a crop top determines my parenting skills but hey I’m just a mom. I ask more questions because I’m curious as to what is “mom approved” apparel according to their rules. It’s safe to say that everyone has a version of what they think a mom should wear so I’m going to add my opinion. I personally think moms should wear “WHATEVER THEY WANT!”

I believe you set your own fashion rules and you wear what makes you feel beautiful and confident. Now should you show up to the school with your twerk shorts and cheeks hanging out, I don’t think so, but guess what that’s my opinion. I do believe in standards of dressing for work, school functions, date night, I also believe that your wardrobe should not be dictated by those not walking in your shoes, literally and figuratively. Fashion is a way of expressing yourself, why dim someone’s light because they are not wearing or being who you think they should be. If you don’t agree with what someone is wearing why not engage them in conversation?! I know you’re going to say Nik you can’t just tell people you don’t like what they have on. This is true, what I find though is that instead of helping to guide someone in a direction you think would be productive for them we often shame them. Did you consider that maybe that mom doesn’t know what conservative dress is, maybe she never learned the fingertip rule for wearing dresses and skirts (if you don’t know I’ll tell you the rule below.), maybe she never received any guidance regarding fashion and she is going with what she knows. Or maybe just maybe she is comfortable and is not desiring your opinion in what she is wearing

I’ve been there, I’ve been the judging mom who’s like why is she wearing pajamas with her hair wrapped up to school, I’ve also run into moms who have on this attire because they are maximizing their time, just got off work, went home to shower and get kids ready for school, drop them off at school and return home to go to bed. Now would I wear pajamas to my child’s school no, but that’s me and my business. I’m asking my fellow moms to consider not judging another mom’s outfit, but instead get to know her and her style, who knows the influence you might have on not just her fashion but her life.

I’ve pinned a few looks I’m thinking of trying this Fall. Will they be considered mom fashion? I don’t know but I am going to attempt to rock them and see how each feels on me. I suggest you find your own fashionable lane and play there. What are some of your go to mom outfits? We all have them, share your pics below.

(Fingertip rule: shorts, skirts, dresses must fall below their fingertips when your arms are at your sides)

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