How to Create!

People are always curious as to how I started my blog, how to develop a podcast, and how to engage on social media. Let me be honest, I made it harder than it had to be. Taking on anyone of these journeys is truly a learning experience. The do’s and don’ts, the experts and the people just starting out like you. I asked a lot of questions, some were forth coming and others suggested I research it for myself. I appreciate each lesson I learned while trying to figure out How To.

I respect the hard work it takes to think of a concept, put the work in to develop that concept and then nurture and watch that concept grow. Some think it’s easy just write, just record, just post. You can do that with no problem. If you however want to get serious about building your blog/podcast/social media you need to invest in making that possible for you.

With that being said I’d like to introduce my “How To” bundle package. I wish I could help each individual person personally, that would be fun, life happens and there is no way I can reach all of you or maybe there is. This bundle package includes: How to Create a Podcast (gives you details about setting up your podcast and getting it posted to multiple platforms), How To Create A Blog (helps you create a blog site using, How To Schedule Social Media (you don’t always have to be on social media to post, this bundle helps you create and manage multiple social media platforms). If you desire to learn “How To” invest in this bundle today! For $25 you will receive all 3 e-books to help you launch your next project. Just think if you decide to start a blog like I did and then later on add a podcast, like I did, you will have the tools at your fingertips to do so. Guess what? There’s more, if you require further assistance you can book a coaching session with me to get the advice you need to help improve your experience.

So what are you waiting for?! Are you ready to embark on this new journey today? Click the link and order now!


Ms. I Can Fix It!

A couple of weeks ago my washing machine stopped spinning. I loaded it, came back to check and the clothes were all wet, not just damp, dripping wet. I took a guess that maybe I’d overloaded the machine, so in mom problem solving manner, I removed it all and went to turn on the spin cycle to drain the remaining water. I heard the spin sound but no spin. OH NO! (Confession: Laundry was piling up I was in a time crunch to get something to wear so I may have overloaded the machine.) The dreaded home repair, I don’t think anyone, parent or not likes to think of the expensive purchase, either repairing or replacing an appliance.

I began to look online for possible sales of washing machines. I then called around to a couple of local appliance shops to price out washing machines. I found some reasonably priced machines and was ready to give my credit card number, only problem, no deliveries until Monday it was the weekend. I needed my machine right now! Scratch that idea, I call a repair person, same issue no repair appointments until the following week. New plan I will load all of the laundry into my car and head to the laundry mat. Not one of my favorite things, but I must do what I have to do. As I’m sorting clothes and preparing for this adventure I’m distracted by Anissa’s YouTube video. Maybe I should see if YouTube can help me solve my problem. I type “washing machine won’t spin” a billion videos appear I watch a few minutes of the first five videos and the problem appears to be the same in each. I have a motor coupling issue! The part is $7 at your local appliance store and the repair takes 15 minutes. Viola, I can do this!

There is one appliance supply place near me and they have my part. I’m excited, the video appears to be super easy to follow and in no time I will be back washing clothes. I get the part, my tools, and I am ready to repair, 15 minutes, I’ll be done in no time. Well let’s just say an hour and a half later, BOOM the part is replaced. Judge if you must but my toolbox is limited so I worked with what I had. Now the test did replacing this piece fix my problem?! I plug in the machine, I turn and pull the knob and………IT SPINS!!! I was so excited, I did it!

That repair got me thinking. How many other moms are out there thinking they can’t repair simple home projects and what satisfaction they will feel when they discover they can. YouTube and Pinterest have become my best friends when it comes to determining if I should take on a project. Let’s face it some repairs require a professional, for these small ones I think I’m going to handle it. I’ve pinned a few home repair sites you should check out to see if you too can Do It Yourself.

Do you have a budget for home repairs? If not how would you handle needing a repair? Would you be willing to DIY?

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Wear It Like A Mom!

Fall is quickly approaching and I love all things Fall fashion. I am always excited to see the trends, bold, beautiful colors, and to see someone in white after Labor Day (hehe)! As of late, I feel restricted. There are all these rules for how a mom should and should not dress. Don’t show up to school like this, too much cleavage, cover yourself, what would your kids think, blah, blah blah. I know I’ll get some flak for this and honestly I’m ready for it, I’m ready for healthy, productive conversation surrounding fashion, not what I should wear as a mom.

I am a creative! My creative juices flow, sometimes through writing, singing, drawing, and the way I dress! I am a curvier lady so I love to wear clothing that accentuate my curves. As I have this discussion with a few friends I discover that there is a belief that a mom should dress a certain way and if she doesn’t her parenting skills are called into question. I’m not sure how a crop top determines my parenting skills but hey I’m just a mom. I ask more questions because I’m curious as to what is “mom approved” apparel according to their rules. It’s safe to say that everyone has a version of what they think a mom should wear so I’m going to add my opinion. I personally think moms should wear “WHATEVER THEY WANT!”

I believe you set your own fashion rules and you wear what makes you feel beautiful and confident. Now should you show up to the school with your twerk shorts and cheeks hanging out, I don’t think so, but guess what that’s my opinion. I do believe in standards of dressing for work, school functions, date night, I also believe that your wardrobe should not be dictated by those not walking in your shoes, literally and figuratively. Fashion is a way of expressing yourself, why dim someone’s light because they are not wearing or being who you think they should be. If you don’t agree with what someone is wearing why not engage them in conversation?! I know you’re going to say Nik you can’t just tell people you don’t like what they have on. This is true, what I find though is that instead of helping to guide someone in a direction you think would be productive for them we often shame them. Did you consider that maybe that mom doesn’t know what conservative dress is, maybe she never learned the fingertip rule for wearing dresses and skirts (if you don’t know I’ll tell you the rule below.), maybe she never received any guidance regarding fashion and she is going with what she knows. Or maybe just maybe she is comfortable and is not desiring your opinion in what she is wearing

I’ve been there, I’ve been the judging mom who’s like why is she wearing pajamas with her hair wrapped up to school, I’ve also run into moms who have on this attire because they are maximizing their time, just got off work, went home to shower and get kids ready for school, drop them off at school and return home to go to bed. Now would I wear pajamas to my child’s school no, but that’s me and my business. I’m asking my fellow moms to consider not judging another mom’s outfit, but instead get to know her and her style, who knows the influence you might have on not just her fashion but her life.

I’ve pinned a few looks I’m thinking of trying this Fall. Will they be considered mom fashion? I don’t know but I am going to attempt to rock them and see how each feels on me. I suggest you find your own fashionable lane and play there. What are some of your go to mom outfits? We all have them, share your pics below.

(Fingertip rule: shorts, skirts, dresses must fall below their fingertips when your arms are at your sides)


Top 10 Reasons I’m Excited About School Starting!

Dear Parental Units, WE MADE IT!!! Pat yourself on the back, high-five other parents, breathe! Summer vacation is over and we can get back to our regularly scheduled school year program. Now you may think who wants summer vacation to be over…When summer vacation started I was excited to spend time with my children, as the weeks went on and we became not so loving with each other I began to dream of the day my children would go back to school. Judge if you must it’s my opinion and my parenting journey!

Here’s the list in reverse…

10. They are boring me! I had a plan for summertime fun, I was excited to be able to conquer the list with both my children, they had plans of their own, which means my list was basically voided. I got bored and it’s their fault!

9. I’m boring them! Apparently what I consider summertime fun is not as fun as I thought it would be. Apparently I can be a little boring! Where in the h-e-double hockey sticks did they get that from? I’m F-U-N!

8. Wi-Fi usage will return to normal! I thought we had unlimited Wi-Fi…guess not! At least three times this summer I received notification from our provider that we had excessive Wi-Fi usage. What’s excessive?! Any who, that excessive usage required more coins from mommy’s piggy bank. Returning to school will hopefully allow me to add some coins back to said piggy bank.

7. I will be on time for work. During the summer break I believe in breaking! Taking a break from our normal schedule which means I slept in or at least past the first 10 snooze button hits. Since school is in session and those little people of mine have to be on time, I too will be on time.

6. My leftovers from the night before will be there when I get home! I know I’m not alone with this. You take the family out to eat and bring home your leftovers for lunch, but you forget it in the fridge when you leave for work in the morning. No worries, it will be there when you get home…LIES! It will not be there because summertime fun includes your kids eating your leftovers. NO MORE, back to school means I have a fighting chance to enjoy my leftovers.

5. I can take a nap! Some days I need to leave work and come home to get my life in order. I am the QUEEN of the 10 minute nap. I set my timer, drift off, awake and I’m ready for the second half of the day. When the kids are home there is no 10 minute nap. Despite that my children know about the 10 minute nap in those 10 minutes they manage to ask every question known to man. I’m taking a 10 minute nap as soon as I’m done writing this post!!! VICTORY IS MINE!

4. This one is for Sparky, our dog! He can now roam the house freely without someone trying to get him to do tricks! All day long trying to get him to flip, rollover, fetch, it has to be exhausting for the little guy. I can see him home now dragging the pillows from some room in the house building a fort and chilling in a nice quiet house!

3. Anissa is excited because there are more girls to play with. I guess the dolls and I just aren’t enough. She doesn’t appreciate us (me and the dolls) sitting through her entire lesson plans this summer, getting sent to the principal’s office (Sparky), and having play-doh lunches. (Le sigh)

2. My BILLS are about to regulate! Personally I love sun light and cool breezes. On days when it’s not too hot outside I love opening a door and feeling that breeze and letting the natural light into our home. My children on the other hand will turn on EVERY light in the house. EVERY LIGHT and not even be in that particular room, then they will turn on every air conditioner or fan they can find, while wearing layered sweats around the house. I am truly looking forward to the day I can go to their homes and turn on all the lights and leave the refrigerator door open.

  1. MY GROCERY BILL!!! This summer I have spent a billion dollars on groceries! Okay I’m exaggerating, but it feels like a billion. If you’ve been with me for a while you know I am a huge fan of Instacart and grocery pick-up. I am now on a first name bases with the delivery drivers and grocery workers. I see them more than I see my children. My grocery receipts are long enough to make my fall wardrobe.

I hope you enjoyed my list, it’s real and its jokes. I’m excited for my children to start this journey and for them to tackle this school year and be victorious. I enjoy watching them on their journey while I continue on mine. What are your back to school traditions? Share them with us in the comments.