Tips On Selecting A Mechanic

Most recently I took my car to a mechanic for routine maintenance, tune-up, and this is where the nightmare begins. Now I know some will say why didn’t you take it to the dealership, but let’s face it if the repair isn’t under warranty you could be looking at greater out of pocket cost. I’ve used this mechanic in the past, he has a great reputation and he’s affordable, his communication skills could definitely use some work, but hey I’m paying for a service. A two hour job turned into my car being at the repair shop for 2 ½ … Continue reading Tips On Selecting A Mechanic

The She Deserves Coach Approach

In the last few months I have had the opportunity to really embrace the new newness of Just One Hot Mom! After deciding to take a sabbatical from and to pursue writing, podcasting, and coaching with full force, I am the happiest I have been. My goal, passion, and purpose is to empower maternal figures in all walks of life, to meet them where they are and encourage them to level up. I think we can all use a person standing in our corner cheering us on and telling us “get yo life” when we need to hear it. … Continue reading The She Deserves Coach Approach

Knowledge Is Power!

Our children will lose about 20-30% of the lessons they learned during the school year. Over the summer break it is up to us as parents to step-up and make sure that information is retained and gained. For younger children I have found a multitude of websites, worksheets, and workbooks to keep them engaged and learning. This requires for us as parents to engage as well, using these sites a lesson/learning plan is done for us. Personally in order to determine what I would study with Anissa I looked over her report card for the year and saw where her … Continue reading Knowledge Is Power!