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Tips On Selecting A Mechanic

Most recently I took my car to a mechanic for routine maintenance, tune-up, and this is where the nightmare begins. Now I know some will say why didn’t you take it to the dealership, but let’s face it if the repair isn’t under warranty you could be looking at greater out of pocket cost. I’ve used this mechanic in the past, he has a great reputation and he’s affordable, his communication skills could definitely use some work, but hey I’m paying for a service. A two hour job turned into my car being at the repair shop for 2 ½ weeks. There was an accident that occurred during the repairs which required them to do more repairs. This got me to thinking, this repair shop had been my only option for so long and I’d gone to them on a referral, now that I was questioning our relationship, what would I do if I needed to find another mechanic, how would I find one? Below please find tips on how to search for a mechanic. This is especially for the ladies.

  1. Ask for referrals from other women. 9 times out of 10 another woman will give you the details regarding their experience with a mechanic. Good or bad this will give you an opportunity to gather a list for investigation.
  2. Investigate! Although your sista friend may have recommended this person you never know if you will have the same experience. Go online and check for reviews, find out if they are certified by the Better Business Bureau, check their listed certification for the repair shop and their mechanics. Find out if they specialize in your brand of car.
  3. Take the shop for a test drive. An oil change can be a great way to experience a repair shop for the first time. Also check to find out if the shop does free diagnostic testing. Most of the shops I have been to recently offer this as a free service and will quote you for the repairs needed. If there is a fee associated with the diagnostic testing this is normally based on the brand of the car and can range from $50-150 (approximately)
  4. Ask about the shops warranty policy. What happens if they cause a repair issue (learned this lesson myself). Do they look for products that are warrantied? Do they offer a warranty if there is an issue with the vehicle after the repair within a timeframe? These are all questions that will save you money.
  5. Convenience. Personally I have one vehicle so it’s important for my repairs to get done in a timely manner so that my vehicle is returned as soon as possible. Also the availability of the shop, what time do they open, when do they close, are they opened on weekends? I’m a working mom I need a certain level of convenience to keep my life organized. (All moms need this!)

Regular car maintenance is a must, don’t just wait until you need a huge repair, getting regular maintenance on your vehicle will help cut cost in the long run. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions and get clarification on those questions if needed. A car is a big investment and you need to be aware of how to take care of your investment.

What are some things you look for when searching for a services? How important are reviews or recommendations. I’m currently looking for a new mechanic I need to have a back-up.

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The She Deserves Coach Approach

In the last few months I have had the opportunity to really embrace the new newness of Just One Hot Mom! After deciding to take a sabbatical from and to pursue writing, podcasting, and coaching with full force, I am the happiest I have been. My goal, passion, and purpose is to empower maternal figures in all walks of life, to meet them where they are and encourage them to level up. I think we can all use a person standing in our corner cheering us on and telling us “get yo life” when we need to hear it. It is the desire of my hear to be that. 

Currently I have available a few coaching options, click here to see ht one that may work for your or a friend. I know that I have the unique ability to connect with people, especially maternals, that allows me insight into who you are and who you want to become. Working together as a team to figure it out will be life changing for us both. Third party perspective can be eye opening and allow you to see a vision for your life you may have never dreamed of. I get excited at the thought of helping others become who they are called to be. 

I know there is a maternal figure out there who can use my assist. At this time she may not have the means or know how to reach out to me. This is where you can help. Once a month I will offer The She Deserves Coach Approach! This is a free coaching service for a maternal figure nominated. Send an email to to nominate a maternal figure, tell why she should win the free session. I will need her contact information to schedule the 1 time, 1 hour session. You may not nominate yourself. I will only select 1 person a month, picked on the 15th day of the month. 

If you are wondering how I’ve impacted my community so far check out the video below for a few testimonials. I look forward to working with you.


Knowledge Is Power!

Our children will lose about 20-30% of the lessons they learned during the school year. Over the summer break it is up to us as parents to step-up and make sure that information is retained and gained. For younger children I have found a multitude of websites, worksheets, and workbooks to keep them engaged and learning. This requires for us as parents to engage as well, using these sites a lesson/learning plan is done for us. Personally in order to determine what I would study with Anissa I looked over her report card for the year and saw where her strengths and weaknesses are and begin to look for website and worksheets to help. I’m also a huge fan of Hooked On Phonics we use it throughout the school year to help her reading and comprehension.

Summer break is an opportunity for kids to relax, have fun, and explore without having to prepare the next day for school. Here are a few tips to help you make summer learning not feel like school:

  1. There will have to be some form of structure but nothing like school. A school day is 5-6 hours, you can make summer learning 2-3 hours giving them the opportunity to still enjoy their summertime fun.
  2. Find your inner teacher. My teacher friends find creative ways to find themes for their classroom throughout the year. We need to create this space at home. Create an area specifically for their studying. If you don’t feel creative check out a few pins here to help you create this space.
  3. Find sites that will help you create lesson/learning plans: DIY Camps

What do we do with teens (older children) for the summer? Before the last day of school I was sent a reading assignment for Jamiel. Summer reading is expected, but how do I get him to think, to study, to not lose those fact finding, paper writing skills we worked on during the school year? Thanks to another Hot Mom, Tawanna A. I have something for them to do as well. Let’s face it teens are not going to find getting an assignment from their parent as fun, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take to ensure my son retains his skill set needed for the next academic years of his life. The suggestions was to have your teen write a paper on a trending topic or social issue going on in today’s society. There’s a plethora of available topics. Below you will find a few you may want to consider:

  1. Consent: No means No! Define what consent means to them in reference to dating. Why is consent important? What do your state laws say regarding consent?
  2. Mental Health: Still Taboo? Are celebrities bringing mental health awareness to the forefront or a trending topic for the time? How can we as a community support mental health awareness?
  3. Social Media: Is it really social? Is social media making people less social in the physical? Are people setting others up for failure by faking their lives on social media

Those are a few topics I came up with, there are so many more. The point is to engage and keep the learning going. How can you help your child gain knowledge and let them know it’s a power?