There’s Hope: Holiday Cheer!

christmas fireplace.jpg 1Hey Hotties! The holiday season is in full swing. All around town we can see Christmas lights, trees, shopping bags EVERYWHERE. With all of this you would think the Hottest Kids and I  would be joining in. We have not. To be honest we haven’t even put up our tree. I’m not sure what’s going on with us, we just can’t seem to catch that good ole Christmas spirit just yet. That was until the other day we when we experienced what I call the true spirit of Christmas.

Last Saturday the kids and I went to Crocker Park to do some holiday things. We’d read an article, 10 Things to Do at Crocker Park this Holiday Season and curiosity got the best of us so we ventured out. Now we live in Cleveland where one day it will be 85 degrees sun shining and the next it will be below 0 and a snow storm brewing. On this fine day it was 21 degrees, which would be bearable if the activities were taking place inside, they were not. Here we go, yet another activity I picked and the kids are just not into it. It’s disappointing as a mom to be excited about doing something with your kids and they don’t feel it. I was determined to keep a smile on my face and theirs (the smiles were probably stuck do to the wind chill). We went inside a variety of stores making our best attempt to enjoy ourselves, due to the temperature other families had the same idea so now we are in this super crowded space. Still smiling!!!

arch christmasI was just about ready to head home when I saw this super cool light arch. I put on my biggest grin and implored the kids to take a picture. Now trying to fit 3 of us in a selfie is always a task. It’s a height and attention issue. As we are trying to get the perfect angle, I feel a tap on my shoulder. This lovely young couple compliments us on what an amazing looking family we are and they would love to take our picture. Now you know how you want to get the perfect picture, but what stranger wants to take multiple pictures until we get it right. Well let me tell you, this young couple did. We had a great little photo shoot right there under the arch. The young lady hit angles, made us laugh, and directed traffic around us. I was appreciative that she had us all smiling and that she wasn’t bothered taking multiple pictures. As we parted ways, we hugged and wished each other a Merry Christmas. This may seem small but in the hustle and bustle of life all too often we forget to show human kindness, she was kind. As we walked the kids began to warm up (figuratively) and they were not so eager to leave so we decided to keep walking. We found a really cool fire-place and of course me being mom was like just one more picture. As we are getting organized again, guess what happens?? A mom with her daughter and teenage friends walk up to us. I’m thinking let’s hurry up and get our picture and get out of their way. Again she offered to take our picture, the girls held our bags as we posed and laughed. As we depart ways the kids high-five each other and the mom hugs me and again wishes me a Merry Christmas. Despite the cold weather there was a warmth that came over my family and I that day. After that we were cheerful, holding doors for people, expressing well wishes and walking around with smiles that didn’t just come from the wind chill factor.

I am always grateful for the time I get to spend with my children even when they would rather be doing something else. I know as they get older they will have friends and their own families to do things with so I don’t take this time for granted. I am glad we were able to see the Christmas spirit in others that flicked on the spirit in us. We finally went shopping for tree decor and will be putting up our tree this week.

How are you and your family spending this holiday season? How do you get over the holiday blues?

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