nisha-hmHave you ever meant someone  and at the time you have no clue what role they will play in your life or why?! I meet people like that all the time. The most frustrating person I have ever meant was one of those people and she is also this month’s HOTTEST MOM! LaTanisha White drives me completely insane. She is one of the leaders I work with in Cleveland YoungLives. I came to unexpectedly love her because of her drive, her ambition, her heart for those around her. I hope you all know I am kidding when I say she drives me crazy, only slightly, (LOL, she’s going to kill me).

Our relationship was one we had to develop and work on, she didn’t understand me and I didn’t get her. Our common ground…we have a heart for people. In getting to know Nisha, I saw what others might not ever see and that’s her complete devotion to her family, her ministry, and living her best life. I learned from her that when we actually take the time to sit down and talk to people, not just check their social media or assume we know them from brief interactions we may have had, when we really take the time to actively listen, we may discover we are not so different.

Nisha you have shown me that ambition comes in different forms, that rest is not easy but necessary, that if you put your mind to something you can do it, and that it’s never too late to start over. You are a true definition of a HOT MOM and someone I am very proud to have in my life. We will continue to push each other’s buttons, grit our teeth all for the glory of Reach 2 Generations 4 Christ. You are more than deserving of your Best Life, glad to be a part.

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