Where My Girls At?

my girls 3How many of us are in need of a Girls Night Out?! **RAISES HAND** Lately I have been so busy conquering so many things that I have not been able to get in much girl time. Trust I need my girl time, it keeps me grounded, it keeps me slaying, it keeps me young. So what can I do to get my much needed girl time?

  1. Be spontaneous! If you find yourself available one evening call up your girls, who ever can make it out, meet up and do something. No matter if it’s dinner, drinks, movie whatever. Don’t be so scheduled that you forget to just live.
  2. Schedule it! If your life is that hectic and you don’t have any time to be spontaneous make your night out something THAT HAS TO BE DONE!
  3. Plan a trip together. The anticipation that builds up when you know you are about to be out of town with your favorite people is exhilirating. People are more likely to let their hair down when you venture into the unknown together. So get your passports and let’s go!
  4. If you can’t get international or out of your state, ROAD TRIPPIN is always a nice alternative. I’m sure there is some winery (at least that’s where me & my girls would go) or other place not to far from home you all can explore together, make it a day trip and enjoy the laughs and love.
  5. If all else fails and you can’t meet up (insert sad face) get on a call together. May seem a little 90ish but hey it’s a way to stay connected and feel all that joy that overcomes you when you get with your girls.

Life is too short not to enjoy it, especially with the people you love and who love you back. So get your girls and go for it.

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