So as you know every month I pick a Hot Mom. Some are nominated (please nominate more in the new year and some I just catch a glimpse of and decide to write about. Well we have made it to December, the last write-up for the HOTTEST MOM and honestly I did not know who to select. As I thought about it more and more someone came to mind…THE HOTTEST MOM is YOU!

Moms we have been winning all year-long. We are amazing at what we do. Look at yourself in the mirror, there may be a wrinkle here and there, your make-up may be off, and hair frazzled, but SO WHAT! Your children are in love with you and the love you’ve given them. I have seen so many step outside their comfort zones and look into alternative ways to parent. I have seen a mom who struggled to find a home for her family work her behind off to provide for them, I have seen a mom whose child has lost a parent help that child grieve while holding back their own pain, I have seen a mom quit her job and step out on faith to teach her children that you can love and be passionate about what you do and not just work a job. I have seen all of you. In every story I tell, in every conversation and in every blog, video, or post MOM I SEE YOU!

Don’t give up! You are loved, you are supported and you got this. So LADIES take a bow, tilt your crown, and do a hair flip 3 times, YOU ARE THE HOTTEST AND YOU SHOULD KNOW IT. Here’s to whatever we conquer in the upcoming year. Cheers!

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