Bah humbug!

I love the holiday season the smells around the house, the beautiful scenery. There’s magic in the air during this season. What I don’t like is how everyone gets so political. We each have our own views about how we want to raise our families, if you celebrate holidays great, if not that’s cool too. The point is don’t rain on someone else’s parade because you want them to feel how you feel.

Say for instance the whole Santa thing, some kids believe and some parents are like OH HELL NO, some old man won’t get credit for my hard work. Guess what either way neither are right or wrong it’s a preference. My kids figured it out themselves and I just asked them not to ruin it for other children. They didn’t believe in Santa but could not wait to lose a tooth so that they could get a visit from the Tooth Fairy (major side-eye). WE each are building our own traditions and it’s okay if our traditions don’t match. Each of our families are different and we have to determine what is right for each of us.

This has been a year of reflection for me. In case you haven’t seen it in any of my post, writings or videos, it’s been a time of embracing my individuality and that’s all I hope for you. I can’t tell you how to live your life, but I can encourage you to live the best life for you and your family. Whatever traditions you have embrace those, make those your legacy, but don’t force them on others or try to shame them for having different beliefs. I’ve also learned that my children are going to develop their own traditions, that heaven forbid (kidding) will be different from what they were taught growing up in my household. You have to trust that the memories you are creating will help them embrace who they are as people and you have to watch them flourish and be who they really are.

So what am I saying…CELEBRATE YOU! Celebrate your family in whatever form or fashion works out for all of you. Determine that as we electric slide (I’m telling my age) into this next year that you will focus on what makes you and your family happy. I promise your best moments are yet to come.

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