Sister Trip +1

So, if you haven’t already figured it out my sister and I our really close. We spend a lot of time together doing all the things we love. We are normally the only two invited because hey, that’s just how the cookie crumbles. This year as we embarked on our normal wine tasting journey we decided to invite someone else….OUR MOTHER!

We love our mom dearly, but hey this has become our annual thing and it gives us time to vent about you know who (read above)! As we have been practicing self-care and being our true authentic selves we decided our mom needed a glimpse into that world, not us just as her daughter, but us as women, not us as the mothers of her grandchildren, but us as women. So often we as women get labeled into being one thing and that’s all we are, you are either a mom, a daughter, a nurse, a wife, a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer, etc. We forget that we are women first and there are just certain things women need…like other women. In all our Sister Trippin, we’d never looked at our mom as another woman, we just saw her as mom. That wasn’t fair to her and we were actually doing ourselves a disservice by not getting to know the woman behind the mother. We are all told growing up not to be our children’s friends, but at some point shouldn’t you want to learn who they are outside of this one label you’ve given them.

What better way to loosen our mom up then to take her to several wineries. We were able to taste some fabulous wines, giggle like old friends, and enjoy each others company. I have a few friends who have loss their mothers and it’s DEVASTATING, I want to appreciate every moment I have with her, the mom, the grandma, the woman she is. Happy Birthday Mom! Thanks for being an amazing woman!

Hot peeps I challenge you to connect with those around you on multiple levels. Don’t put anyone in a box, allow them to show you how multifaceted they can be and you show them who you are!

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