You Are the HOTTEST Mom!

Hey Hot Peeps! Let me tell you , I have met some AMAZING women over the last few months.  I am so excited to start nurturing these relationships. One of my purposes in starting this community is to get us ladies some help in living our dreams, being a better parent, being our most confident selves, and truly embracing who we are. Trust I know that it seems like a lot to cover but I feel with all of our heartfelt love for each other we can conquer anything.

So who is this month’s HOTTEST MOM! None other than my own mom, Christine Sanders! You’ve met me I believe I’m one DOPE soul, but I didn’t get this way all on my own.  I come from a foundation where I’ve always been told I can be whatever I want to be, I can do whatever I want to do, it’s always been pressed upon me to be a leader to truly be my most authentic self. My mom has raised two amazing women, you’ve met my sister she’s pretty amazing as well. My mom has shown us through being a living example of someone who goes after what they want that we don’t have to be ashamed of who we are JUST LIVE!

So Mom, YOU ARE THE HOTTEST MOM! Thank you for being a great example of a mom, a woman, and a friend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

If you want to nominate a hot mom, please send an email to along with why you are nominating them, a picture, and their contact information.

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