NOLAI’m feeling good! I’ve been back home for a week after attending a self-care retreat in NOLA. Parents it’s so important for us to take care of ourselves. As always if you don’t secure yourself first how can you secure the family.  There were many takeaways from the event below I have decided to hashtag my top three.

#BWAFGU- In case you didn’t know this already #BlackWomenAreForGrownUps, Stevona Elem-Rodgers is the founder of this movement. Why was this a highlight for me?! I am a Black Woman, hope that’s not news to you. All too often I feel as though I have to explain who I am and is this how Black women behave. First I can’t speak for all Black women, just like I can’t speak for all moms.  All I can do is give you my opinion from my perspective. #blackgirlmagic #blackgirlsrock are great movements which are teaching those young women that are coming behind us to appreciate who they are and to embrace themselves. Why then would we not continue the celebration as grown women. It was amazing to see women, all shades of black, from all backgrounds sharing the same issues and being able to release my feelings and thoughts on being a Black woman. There are just somethings that only another Black woman can understand and in this environment we gave ourselves permission to explore, conquer and heal. For me personally it re-emphasized that I’m a woman who is black and grown and that alone is enough in itself to celebrate.

#IAmAwkward- First let me tell you Britney Taylor (Amethyst Moon Yoga) is gorgeous! That is just on the outside, once she opens her mouth you get to experience her inner beauty as well.  She is quirky and awkward. Those are not my words but her own. I can appreciate her awkwardness, she was down to earth, she embraced herself and realized that she didn’t have it all together but through yoga and being able to center herself she was being the best version of herself she could be no matter how weird that may look to someone else. I am embracing that I may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but I’m the right flavor for me, and that’s cool enough for me.

#IAmGrowing- First Tara Pringle Jefferson (The Self Care Box) does an amazing job forcing you to care about yourself.  From the time we landed to the last day of the treat I was able to self-reflect and figure out was I really taking care of me. We were required to do an inventory and once I was made to truly look at how I self-care I learned I could do a better job. See, me as a mom is a FORCE! I can and will do it all alone, but I don’t have too. What I have to do is take time out to recognize I have help, but it’s my responsibility to teach that help how to help me. Now you might think just do it yourself, but moms that’s where we lose. We, me, have to learn that just because it’s not done my way does not mean it’s not the right way, it’s just a different way and that’s alright. Sometimes we have to surrender control to reclaim, regain, remain SANE!

So there you have it #HereWeGrow17Retreat was an amazing adventure. I ate, I drank, I laughed, and I healed. I feel better moving forward in my self-care journey. What are you doing to self-care, how can we as a community help you? Drop your tips and questions in the comments.

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