She’s Watching Me!

MM- Nik & Anissa 1I have a confession…since coming back from vacation I have not been on my gym game.  I’ve collected no gym money and I have not gone hard in the paint.  Let’s just say life has been happening and the gym has fallen to the bottom of the list.  Don’t worry I’m like you figuring this whole life and purpose thing out and I am sure the gym will make the top of the list again very soon.

The other day I was watching a repeat of Wild N Out with my son, Jamiel.  He loves improv and on the episode K. Michelle was the guest.  Whether she worked out or whatever her waist to hip ratio is what I’m trying to get.  So I say “I wish my hips looked like that.”  We continue watching the show as it goes to commercial break my little one Anissa hugs me and says your hips are beautiful just the way they are. Huh?! She said mommy her hips are beautiful but so are yours.  Well look at that.  In that short conversation my daughter let me know I should appreciate my own body, now I know I appreciate myself and all these curves, it was nice to know that she doesn’t compare herself negatively to others.  She can compliment another female, admire her beauty and be confident in who she is.  Now you may think Nik you are reading to far into this, but we too often don’t watch what we say or we don’t think our children are looking or listening to us.  In everything we do we have to consider that they maybe.

So what should we do? Plant the seed, speak life, our children are watching, they mimic our behavior.  We won’t always do the right thing or be perfect in front of them, trust me I am not, but let’s be mindful that it’s our job to be a living example of the people we want them to be.  I challenge you all this week to live life being the parent you want your child(ren) to be.  And watch them to see how often they are watching you?

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