Being Nanekia…Girl Trippin!

img_1813So about a year ago my best friend text me a pic, little did I know that, that pic and the note to follow would change my life.  See, my village was moving fine in its singleness.  We are single moms, single ladies, dating women and in an instance it changed when one very smart man decided to pop the question and marry us all.  Yes, note, when you marry one in this village you marry us all.  Then she popped the question to the ladies, WOULD WE BE HER BRIDESMAIDS? Of course we said yes, the catch we would be bridemaiding it in Punta Cana! Excitement, fear, joy, worry, floods of emotions hit me at once.  I’m happy for my girl, of course I want to support, I’m broke, I’ve got kids, I hate flying, I need a vacation, I don’t have a passport…my head is starting to hurt just thinking about all the thoughts floating.

Bottom line I’d made myself a promise, a promise to be uncomfortably happy in this new year.  To elevate my life, to stop always thinking negative, to stop listing more cons then pros and to go with the flow often.  This has been a tough year of fearlessness! What is a girl to do when she stops being afraid and decides to live her life?!  Let me tell you what she does, SHE LIVES!  I got my passport, I got on that plane, and lived an amazing 5 days of being catered to.  Lesson learned:  when you take the limits off what could potentially happen, you can see the full potential picture and baby it’s one amazing view!

So ladies and gents get UNCOMFORTABLY happy, make the decision today to live your best life RIGHT NOW!  And while your doing so click the link (Girl Trippin) so you can see how removing yourself from comfort can be beneficial.  Your assignment my hot peeps, Live your life! Comment below and let me know how you’re decided to do so, I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

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