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Weigh-In: The Journey

heavy weight collageSo, we are under 80 days away from what started this weight loss journey, V&J Wedding.  I’ll be honest those two have sabotaged my diet on more than one occasion because we all LOVE to eat.  I don’t regret it one bit.  We all have been taking our own roads to reach our fitness goals and I am exhausted but feeling great and looking better.  My hope is that you will take my story laugh, cry, be inspired, and encourage me so that we all know we are not alone.

For me personally I use to compare myself to other moms, like she has three kids, I have three kids but I don’t look like her.  Now don’t get me wrong I have been comfortable with the skin I am in almost my whole life, I just accepted me. But I know I’ve had moments where I can’t figure out if this is baby weight (my baby is 4 years old) or just bad eating habits.  More likely the latter coupled with not exercising.

So here I am exposing my naked truth to you.  We can all reach whatever goal we set for ourselves it’s up to us to find that passion, that drive that makes us want to change and then change.

So check the pics.  I started at a size 22, WOW!!! I’m currently a 12/14.  I may not have a flat stomach, but my thighs no longer give me a round of applause when I walk (I kind of miss that, just kidding).  Still comfortable, still confident!

You can do it too!  Don’t worry about what everyone else is thinking, do you, be happy with you, whether that’s a size 22 or 4.  It’s all about making choices that make you happy and keep you healthy and round for these little hot ones.

I challenge you to encourage another mom in their journey today, whatever change you know they are trying to make.  We can all use the support!  What are you doing, how can I support and encourage you?




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