Mommy’s Busting Out!

terry-nikHey Hot People!  Forgive me my thoughts are all over the place.  I need to tell y’all what happened and deliver this message to the hot mommies out there that need to bust out.  On Wednesday last week I met Terry McMillan (SCREAMS!!!) in case you are clueless, Terry (we met had a formal introduction I’m calling her by her first name now) wrote Waiting To Exhale & How Stella Got Her Groove, along with other novels but these are the most popular because they were turned into movies.  ANYWAY!  Met her, got to take this pic and get my book signed.  But it almost didn’t happen…

The event to meet Terry was an hour and some minutes away from my house, it started to snow and I was like, I’m just going to stay home, no point in driving in this crazy weather.  I was preparing to put my pajamas on when something in me was like STOP, you need to go, you need to get out! So I quickly got cute, fed my children, secured their sitter and was out the door.  I was late but I didn’t care I was going, then I realized I was going alone.  There were no friends in the car with me, no significant other by my side, not my kids or the dog, I was out in the snow going to do something I wanted to do. I had to pause for a minute I was in shock! So often I want to do things, but I’ll change my mind at the last minute because nobody else wants to, I’ll look pitiful if I show up alone.  Do you have those thoughts?  Have they stopped you from doing things you love all because you may have to do them alone?

NO MORE! I am busting out, I work too hard, take care of too many people to shelter myself.  Mommy it’s time for you to enjoy your life, whether it’s with family, friends, or alone.  And you know what, the more times you do it, the easier it becomes.  No longer will you opt out of things that bring you joy just because you may have to enjoy them alone.  It’s time to really embrace your freedom (when you get it) and live in the moment.

So I’m going to do it, I’m going to live a fabulous life of alone time.  Mommies, our children are well taken care of, our homes, and multiple other jobs we do are handled, why not do what you want to do and sometimes you may have to do it alone, but it’s okay.  Would you rather miss out on a great opportunity all because you are alone or would you rather get in your car, turn the volume all the way up and rock out to do something you love.  Girl I’m gone, hope y’all start to have fun cause I am!

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