Being Nanekia…From Darkness to Light

darkness-to-lightIn case you have been hiding under a rock…BEING MARY JANE IS BACK!!! The Being Nanekia series is inspired by the show and I’m so happy to take a little time from mommy topics to just be me and let you inside my thoughts. I’m always growing, always becoming self-aware, which can sometimes be a real pain, growth hurts so good.  Recently in doing some self-reflection I came to the realization that I had been living in the dark about a situation and was so ready to receive some light.  Here’s my thoughts on the darkness and the light…

When you allow someone to plant a lie in your life you are allowing the darkness to grow.  We sometimes know it’s a lie or we later gain the knowledge of the lie and instead of calling it what it is we allow that planted lie to grow.  We actually nurture it because we don’t call it what it is, cut off it’s roots and let it die.  This growth takes up space in our mind not allowing any light in because we are consumed by it’s darkness.  Some are content to live in that darkness, it’s comfortable, they’ve grown accustomed to how the darkness feels and can see nothing beyond it.  The truth may have been revealed to them several times but because they are wrapped up in the darkness they can’t see it.

Imagine that, living in such darkness only being able to express fake light because in the pit of who you are the seed of this lie is still growing.  I’m a faithful believer in the power of prayer.  So, if you pray to be brought out of the darkness into the light be prepared , it’s going to be scary and sometimes painful.  Think about it, it’s huge leap to move from darkness into light.  But wouldn’t you rather live in light (truth)?!

(To be continued…)

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