Bad Moms Unite!

bad-momsI’m one bad mama! I’m known for being late, I’d rather pay the fee than bake or sale stuff.  I don’t keep all of their art projects and most of their pictures in the last few years or so are stored in my phone.  I’ve let them fall asleep with the clothes they’ve played in all day on, I’ve forgotten a vitamin a time or two.  I swear, I get angry, I use white sugar, we eat Little Debbie snacks.  I could list a bunch of other stuff I do or don’t do that would have some label me as a bad mom.  There are moments where I’m like dude that was bad! Lately, I don’t feel bad, I feel like I’m winning or at least that’s what I tell myself.

Recently I’ve watched a few TV shows (probably more hours than I should) and movies that are celebrating bad moms.  Have you guys seen the movie “Bad Moms”? I swear I’ve had a day where I wanted to tell those “active” moms at the school to shove it or when I’ve wanted to get dressed, go out, sip my martini, and hang with my girls, in the middle of the day.  Does that make me a bad mom?! If so sign me up. One of the shows I watch, that I love is “American Housewife.” The character is probably more like the moms you know then the ones who pretend to be perfect and are not.  She’s kind of my shero.  Through out the show she tries not to give in to the pressures of being this perfect mom (due to the community they just moved into), but sometimes she does and it almost always backfires.  Once she goes back to being herself she’s happy, she’s a better mom. The other moms would consider her a rebel, I’m a rebel (of sorts).

We are all bad moms.  At some point we all feel like we are getting it wrong and maybe we are. There is no manual that tells you how to do this, be a mom. I’m not sure I would follow a manual if one was given to me. What I do know is that most of the moms questioning themselves love their child(ren). Those moms, like myself would leap into action without hesitation to protect, provide for, hug, kiss, and mom stuff our child(ren). Moms we love our child(ren), that’s Momming 101. I believe our child(ren) are specifically designed for each one of us. In those moments where we question ourselves out of fear of not doing it right, that’s called concern, and if you don’t have concern then you might be a little janky.  We are all winging it and no one, at least as far as I can see has perfected momming.

So in those moments when your child(ren) are mad at you, you miss an event, or you walk around for hours with baby puke on your shirt, because heaven forbid someone tell you, throw your hands in the air winner and think of those little cute, germy faces and how much they love you and you love them. GO ON WITH YO BAD SELF!

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