HOLIDAY HELL!! Top 20 Annoying Things About the Holiday Season!

On the blog HOLIDAY HELL!! Top 20 Annoying Things About the Holiday Season!
It’s all in fun and love! Enjoy your family time and a few laughs on us!

(Featuring Ayesha Ansari)

  1. While shopping during the holiday season and you are in line with your cart and have been for 20 minutes, someone gets in line behind you with one item and they feel you should let them cut. #peoplegottabeouttheymind
  2. When FedEx, UPS, USPS dogs your package because they mad about the weight. #youmadornah
  3. The one person in your office that has too much holiday spirit and insists on wearing holiday attire every day. #weseeyouwegetityoulovetheholidayseason
  4. When your family tries to guilt you into giving a gift after you say you’re done shopping. #overit
  5. The dreaded gift exchange. When your Secret Santa waits till the last minute and gives you the gift you gave them last year. #deadwrong
  6. When Bath & Body works has their last minute sale and you end up with 20 bottle of Japanese Cherry Blossom #justbuymestockinthecompany
  7. When your non-cooking family member offers to make the holiday dinner and the turkey is dryer than a desert breeze #weneedgravy
  8. People who post all the nice things they do for people during the holiday season, but forget we know them all year long and know they ain’t that nice. #scrooge #youregettingcoal
  9. People who talk about all the money they spent during the holiday season, but won’t pay you back the $5 they owe you #bishbettahavemymoney
  10. People who will get mad and take this list seriously #itsalljokes
  11. Wine glasses with water in them, DISRESPECTFUL #thiscupwasmadefordranking
  12. When family members want you to visit during the holidays and they live halfway across the planet and it’s a blizzard outside #yougotgasmoneyandashovel
  13. When family members pack their to go plate before y’all even sat down for dinner #canigetaplate
  14. When your cousin brings the “new boo” to the Christmas dinner and that’s not who came to Thanksgiving dinner and your grandma comments #whothehellisthis
  15. When you realize there is no rum for the eggnog or cider and you could use a drink #mynervesbad
  16. When the family instigator prays for togetherness at the family dinner, but just started an argument between your aunts #fixitJesus
  17. When you bring your cousin with you to the family dinner and you are ready to go but they planted firmly on the couch like y’all ain’t come together #hegonneedaride
  18. .The family member who never brings anything but complains about the food, gifts, drinks, and the heat in the house. #didyoucontribute
  19. The one person in your family that does not believe in technology and still uses a disposable camera, “Wait let me wind it!” #somebodygetthemacameraphoneplease
  20. ULTIMATE FAIL: The person who sends a group text with a holiday greeting to EVERYBODY and people reply back “who is this” all day long! #justacceptthedamngreeting

BONUS: The one person in your family who is “wealthy” gives everyone an envelope for Christmas, when you open it, there are coupons inside #theygotrichtostayrich



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