Welcome Our New Addition…

sparkyVery exhausting weekend.  Hosted 6 young ladies for my youngest hotness’s Spa Party Sleepover.  This was the end to a week-long birthday celebration.  She and her friends were so happy to be getting so many spa services.  So glad it’s over, lol.

For over a month, that One Handsome Dad, had been asking what she wanted for her birthday, her response, a dog.  Now we’d previously had a dog, Anna, who’d run away, allegedly.  She’d been a little afraid of Anna, so with Anna gone she’d began playing with a FurReal friend (play dog).  You can walk the dog, it fake eats, it whimpers and barks.  For some time she’d told us that this dog needed a friend.  When she requested a dog for her birthday, I was too happy to go to Toys R Us and select another FurReal Friend.  I was wrong.

For weeks she and her dad had been searching the internet for the perfect dog.  She wanted something smaller than Anna (german shepard/pit bull mix) and fluffy.  Her words, not mine. I caught them looking at adoption sites and realized, we were actually getting a real dog, not a fake, whose only maintenance would include fresh batteries.  I had to quickly re-adjust my thinking, WE are getting a dog. After searching so many adoption sites, we found our dog, his name was Locs.  We called the agency Locs had not been adopted, we were going the next day to fill out the paperwork.  YAY!!

One Handsome Dad gets to the adoption center and no Locs.  He gave the cage number, described Locs, tried to show them the picture on the website, yet no Locs. He called and I admit I was crushed.  We’d read about Locs, saw his before and after pictures, he was supposed to be our dog. What were we going to do?! When something is meant to be it has a way of working for the good of those involved in the situation.  Dad went into the room where they kept the small dogs to see who was available.  Behold there he was in all his cuteness, SPARKY.  Immediately, Sparky connected with Dad and he called me, completed the paperwork, paid the adoption fee and boom, we were taking our dog home, or so we thought.  Sparky had to stay the weekend to be neutered *insert sad face*.  We were ready to bring him home, but would have to wait until Tuesday.  We placed his bring home date on the calendar and everyday she would mark an X, one day closer to completing our family. Tuesday came and I could not leave work fast enough, we made the long drive to the adoption center and as I entered the room (had not met Sparky yet), he came to me.  We cuddled!  I couldn’t get to her school fast enough, I picked her up and we went home.  Instant happiness all around.  Sparky just fits in, he is our dog, he belongs to our family.

a-girl-and-her-pupI’m so happy for my daughter as she really wanted a dog.  Sparky is cage trained, house broken, and loves, loves the family.  I’m sure he knows that we love him too.  Our family is now complete thanks to Sparky.

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