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You Are the HOTTEST MOM!

tenisha-and-rubyIt’s that time of the month, time to pick our hot mama.  This month’s hot mom is not only one fierce mama, she is an awe-inspiring daughter, who I personally witnessed lovingly help her mother make her final transition.  This month’s hot mom is Tenisha Brown.  Congrats!

Ms. Ruby (Tenisha’s mom) was one fabulous diva.  I’d known Ms. Ruby for some time and there was never one encounter where she was not dressed to the nines with a matching dynamic personality.  Her bright, radiant persona was one to draw you in, so you already know she raised equally fabulous daughters.  In keeping with her mom’s flyness, Tenisha, even in grim times made sure her mom was all the way together.   Whether it was talking to the doctors about the best course of action or making sure the nurses knew her mom had to coordinate her attire, didn’t matter if it was a hospital gown or not, lol.  She took care of her mother the way her mother lived, tenisha-and-boysfabulously.  Tenisha knew the importance of making sure her mother LIVED even  until she took her last breath. We as people often forget that moms are more than just moms, we are daughters, wives, friends, significant others, basically superheroes.  Tenisha showed me and I know others that even as a busy mom we still have other responsibilities one of them is being a dedicated daughter.

Ms. Ruby marvelously made her transition, leaving a loving, divalicious (I made that word up) legacy. So we salute you Ms. Tenisha, YOU ARE THE HOTTEST MOM!!!



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