Happy Halloween OR Whatever!

halloween-2016Happy Halloween Hot People! Every year I get excited about holiday time, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s. And every year without fail someone tries to bust my bubble or excitement.  Well not this year, this year we celebrate!

People in the church do not celebrate Halloween, it is the devil’s holiday and if you celebrate you are giving glory to the devil.  WHAT?! So I did a little research (very little) first to find out what being in the church means and then to find out what the bible says about Halloween.  I discovered that each one of us as individuals can be considered the church, spooky thought, I am a church, Lord help us. And two that the bible says nothing about Halloween, in fact it says nothing about Thanksgiving, Christmas (in the sense of the way we tend to celebrate it), Valentine’s Day, Arbor Day, New Year’s, Labor Day, I mean the list could go on about holidays that the bible does not speak on, yet we deem okay to celebrate, so why pick on Halloween. I have a few theories myself:

  1. Many moons ago before my time a kid got in trouble and their parent was like no candy for you. Well, they couldn’t accept the fact that their friends would be getting candy and they wouldn’t, so they told the story of how their parents said Halloween was an evil holiday and anyone who celebrated was evil and condemned as well.  There you have it the rumor spread like wildfire, thus people stop celebrating.
  2. Many moons ago but after the moons mentioned above a mom somewhere forgot to get a costume for their kid, there were no selections left at the store and she was tired which limited her imagination.  So mom came up with the story of Halloween being evil and thus no celebration.

You see how I just re-wrote the origin of Halloween. You can too. Now some will say that the origin of Halloween and its beliefs are negative.  Well me and my crew are opting out of those negative beliefs. We have decided that our Halloween is a time to celebrate our creativity, to transform ourselves into whatever magical, mystical, monstrous person, place, or thing we would like to be (if only for a few hours). It’s a time for us to spend time as a family, making memories, and enjoying each others company. And for those who don’t see this holiday as we see it, we’ve also opted out of judging you and hope that you would do the same.

So Fairy Princesses, Knights in Shiny Armor, Unicorns, and whatever your imagination can come up with, create your own traditions.  Enjoy the day, we will, BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

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