You Are The HOTTEST MOM!!!

jalisa-and-robin-2So excited to share a dynamic duo as this month’s hot mamas. To interact with this family is amazing. I’ve witnessed them support each other and advocate for one another. This month’s HOTTEST MOMS are Jalisa and Rodin Cannon. Jalisa is a young mother to her son Tristan. To watch her with him is to fall in love all over again with your own children. She showers him with love all while helping him to battle sickle cell. I’ve witnesses Robin, Jalisa’s mom making sure that Jalisa and Tristan are both taken care of and advocating for them both when it comes to Tristan’s care. They are both amazing women.

Recently, I was able to sit with this family as Tristan was in surgery and the love and positive energy was flowing. It was an awesome feeling to be a part of their togetherness. This dynamic duo along with other members of their family also volunteer with the group Cleveland YoungLives. Jalisa is a great example for other young moms as to how to care for your child. Robin volunteers in child care where all the babies adore her.

Congratulations Mom & Daughter, keep being a living example. YOU ARE THE HOTTEST MOMS!

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