Sister, Sister…To Thine Own Self Be True

A few weeks ago my sister and I embarked on a lil sister get away. We do this every now and then, just she and I, open road, or massage table, and just hang out the two of us. If anyone knows us, then they know that this relationship has had its ups and downs. My sister is the reason I started dying my hair, she is the reason my patience is thin, but she’s also the reason I am committed to being the person that I am, to being true to who I know in my heart I want … Continue reading Sister, Sister…To Thine Own Self Be True


Every month I acknowledge a mom who I and others consider to be a “Hot Mom.” Trust and believe these are some of the hottest mom out here. Hustlers, healers, workout gurus, stay at home, corporate ladder climbing, young, old, new school, old school, there have been a variety. I see the beauty, intellect, and greatness in them all. Today I woke up, I looked in the mirror and I thought, damn! You’re pretty hot yourself. So it’s September, it’s the anniversary of the blog, it’s only right that I claim my own hotness. For the month of September, congratulations, … Continue reading The HOTTEST MOM!!!

What A Difference A Year Makes?

I can’t believe that my baby turned one today. It’s been an amazing journey trying to figure out this blogging thing. Am I doing it right, will people read it, do people care about what I have to say? Those were some of my initial questions, because let’s face it, audiences are hard, especially when you can sit behind a computer and let your opinion flow. I remember, I was nervous as I set-up the site, as I wrote the first post. I wanted everything to be perfect. I selected the pictures, re-read the post a 1000 times, and then … Continue reading What A Difference A Year Makes?