Being Nanekia…A Snake in the Garden

snake-3A little over a month ago I sent out a snap shot of a post I was thinking about to my crew. There were mixed emotions of the review, some thought it was too dark, others were like YAS (YAS, takes yes to the next level), and then no opinion either way. I respect my crew they have some of the brightest minds, but ultimately when I write/post it’s from the heart so here it is my view of the snakes in your and my garden.

A month ago I was watching the discovery channel and they were discussing predators and of course snakes came up. They were discussing how vicious snakes are even when facing death. Most people think you can kill a snake by cutting off its head, but in actuality cutting off a snakes head can make it more vicious, more dangerous, more eager to get even with who’s trying to kill it or whatever lies in its path. In that moment when the snake realizes this may be its last chance to seek vengeance, it exerts all its final energy in getting revenge. They explained that the snake knows death is near and it will have one last opportunity to hurt, kill, or destroy whatever it feels has hurt it. My eyes were huge I had to find out more, so I searched on You Tube and there I saw it, a decapitated snake fighting like crazy to bite whatever was near, it was insane to watch. Where am I going with this? Check below.

Some of us have snakes in our garden. We invited them in because at the time we were cool. Life happens, feelings change and relationships fall apart and that’s okay, but not for a snake. The truth of the matter is this person(s) was a snake all a long, just took sometime for you to figure it out. So what do we do when we find out, we cut the person off, we stop speaking, we don’t hang out, we try, if we are adulting to gently break away. We tell other people we not messing with that person, you break up. But as you can see snakes don’t take that so well. So they use whatever ammo they have to bring you down. If you shared secrets, expect it to be exposed, if you did something embarrassing, everyone is going to find out, even if nothing bad or traumatic ever happened around them, they will find a way to use whatever info they believe they have against you. You’ll be hurt, but remember the nature of the snake when it feels threaten or destroyed, it strikes back with a vengeance. It’s sad, but, true there are people out there who you would hope wish you well but actually mean you no good. So what do you do?

Remember, you, my friend are a powerful force. That snake is not attacking you because you are timid and afraid. People are drawn to your greatness, your confidence, your drive, just you. That can cause jealousy to rear it’s ugly head and have your snake wondering what’s so special about you. And you, like me, most of the time, you’re just being uniquely you, the only way you know how to be. So, how do you handle a snake, you may not like my answer, but here it is…You pray for your snake! Anybody who can hold that much hate in their heart, after you all have parted ways, said your good-byes, and wished each other well, needs prayer. There is a disconnect between them and their greatness, so if they can’t have it why should you?. Personally I’m just happy being me, never really wanted to be anybody else. I always accept that what is for me is for me and that what is meant for someone else is meant for them. But, you will find some people can’t accept that, you can have the same thing and they will still want yours or you can’t have what they don’t have. It’s so sad, but so very true, there are things in your beautiful garden that are jealous of you.

So, Snake Conqueror, you have the tools in your arsenal to weed out these snakes.
1. Pray daily for the snakes to be revealed to you and to those you love.
2. Once you find the snake, pray for them, call them by name, and ask God to allow grace, mercy, love, joy, and peace to come into their heart.
3. Keep your distance, like my grandma use to say, the Lord commands me to love you, he said nothing about like. Not everyone is meant for the inner circle.
4. Keep being you, successful, brave, outgoing, a conqueror
5. Allow people to have their season in your life and when it’s time to part ways, let go.

Be you, Be great!

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