Love Under New Management!

Hey ya’ll! Rounding out this month of celebration with the talk of love. You already know that the village and I have these deep conversations about everything. Most recently the talk of love came up. With a village member getting married, honey we have to celebrate the love. I know that we as a village love each other, those are my sista girls, my brothers, I know that my children love me and that my family in general loves me, but sometimes you need to connect to a different type of love. The type of love that gives you butterflies … Continue reading Love Under New Management!

Peace Be Still!

So rounding out this month of celebration and all my random thoughts about life, getting ready to bring you hot mommies some hot mommy topics in the next month. But for my second to final know thyself post I wanted to talk about something momish, but can apply to all of our lives, but for me it’s from a mom perspective. I was on the phone with my “uncle” the other day (one of my dad’s besties) and he was giving me a recipe for this Jamaican rum I have (by the way this rum is FIRE). He’d recently experienced … Continue reading Peace Be Still!

They Love Me, They Love Me Not!

Do recall when you first brought your child home, that feeling of euphoria because you two were so in love. You could kiss them all day long, touch their little hands and smell, the smell of a new baby is intoxicating. In that moment you two know that you were meant for each other, you belong together. The love you share is undeniable and you both know it. I love those days, the days when mom is the child’s whole world. We may joke about not knowing any other name but mommy or how many times our kids can scream … Continue reading They Love Me, They Love Me Not!