Growing Up Too Fast

fancyI knew this day was coming.  In my mind I found every reason to push it back or put it off.  I justified it with, she’s too little, her birthday comes late, she has her whole life to be in school.  In actuality I knew that once school became a reality I would have to admit, yet again, that one of my babies was growing up too fast.  I’m not ready.  Yeah I know you heard this last post but I’m having some moments here, everybody seems to be embarking on bigger adventures and they are ready and eager and I am not.

The hardest part about all of this was telling Miss Sue.  Miss Sue has cared for Anissa since she was 12 weeks old.  She’s more than a daycare provider, she has become a major part of our family.  I’m not just saying that, she really has, she attends family functions, on both sides of the family. Miss Sue is one of the grandmas.  How could I tell her I was snatching “Fancy” (her nickname for Anissa) and placing her in a dark, damp, colorless walls learning institution (okay I’m being dramatic, but you  get my drift). I admit I was a coward about it. I slipped the announcement in while we were discussion soup.  By the way, Anissa will be starting school in September, is that thyme I smell?! She didn’t let it slide and I saw the look of slight disappointment on her face, but we both knew it was coming and now the time had arrived.

So the countdown has begun. In just a few short weeks my youngest will begin her school career.  She is excited!  How can I be sad when I see those eyes get wide with excitement, when she gathers her “school supplies” and when she tells everyone we come in contact with how she can’t wait to go to school.  Her excitement has eased my anxiety.  I know this is a part of her growing up and that the goal is to help her achieve her goals and live her dreams. So you dark, damp educational institutions, open your doors and prepare for my little hotness, Miss Anissa aka Miss Fancy, she’s coming!

Is there anyone else out there with a child attending school for the first time or a child that just transferred to a new school?  How are you and your crew coping with the transition?

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