It’s Happened…The Dreaded Growth Spurt

Jamiel 1st Day of school

I am all of 5 feet tall, give a 1/2 inch here and there.  My oldest daughter is about the same height and the youngest I can’t imagine will be over 5’4″ at her tallest (I’m giving a lot of inches here, a lot, lol).  My son has always been a mystery to me for a long time he was a short guy around 4’11”.  I always knew he had the potential to be taller, his uncle is around 6’3″.  Never in my wildest dreams did I expect so many inches to creep in at once.  I got relaxed in his shortness, shopping in the kid’s section, catching all the deals.  I was a happier, richer person in the kiddie section.

Go back to Christmas 2015, I picked up a few outfits for him size 16 (kiddie section) decent prices.  I came home satisfied, then it happened, my son walked past and he was flooding (flooding- when your pants are above your ankles and they shouldn’t be, not like capris).  “Son, what size are those pants?” In his squeaky voice “16!'”Damn!  Back to the store I went to move up a size.  This size, size 18 didn’t have a lot of variety.  I was stuck, not quite in man sizes, but clearly not in boys.  I pieced together a few things and VOILA MAGIC, a great Christmas.  Me, being who I am, was not ready to admit my son was growing.  I blamed my laundry skills and the dryer.  Yes the denial was strong in this one.  I’d rather people think I’d shrunk his clothes then to face the reality of this growing man child.  My baby boy couldn’t be getting taller, he couldn’t be growing, I’m not ready.

We get through the school year with our size 18s.  School lets out and we prepare for summer camp.  I hear what sounds like Barry White outside on my front porch.  What grown man is out here talking about being on the dance squad when school starts again.  I peek out the door, there is no grown man, it’s my son.  My son now sounds like Barry White.  When did this happen?! Not only does he sound like Barry White, but those damn 18s have betrayed me.  I’m not ready!

So here I am, getting ready for another school year.  I glance over at the kiddie section, once my happy place, I shed a tear as I head over to the grown man section.  Where did the time go, I just changed his diaper yesterday?!  Am I the only mom this who’s under the growth spurt attack? I hear my son call mom, as I turn the face I use to look down at I am now having to stare up to see.  He’s reading the stress on my face as he BENDS DOWN to give me a hug.  He had to bend down!  I’m not ready, are you?!

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