You Are the HOTTEST MOM!!!

cjRecently I was able to reconnect with this month’s hottest mom. I have to say our friendship didn’t skip a beat. I am nominating her myself as I am proud of the awesome mom she is.  Carlyce Batts-John you are the HOTTEST MOM! I’m pretty sure she wasn’t expecting this. I hope I don’t embarrass her too much with my explanation of this nomination.

WHen I first met Carlyce (CJ), she was/is an awesome mom, her kids are awesome, her husband is awesome, she comes from an awesome family, she however did not own her awesomeness. You see, often other people see our greatness before we do because we can only see our flaws. I saw how great CJ was and couldn’t wait to see the day she saw it for herself and embraced it.

Life and family happens and we weren’t together as much, but never lost touch.  We were able to get together recently and let me tell you, I can see a bold, confident, awesome mom.  She was doing a presentation regarding Young Living (, essential oils), her demeanor was calm as she told us about healing through oils and prayer and how this had worked for her family.  I could see a glow and peace in her I hadn’t seen in the past, it was refreshing. See, we mentor girls and we always tell them about the potential we see in them to do great things, sometimes we forget to see the potential in ourselves.  So to see somebody enjoying their life and helping others enjoys theirs is such a blessing and I saw this in my interaction with CJ.

CJ I’ve always known how dope you are and I’m glad it seems you have now figured it out too.  Congrats, You Are the HOTTEST MOM!

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