3B Convo: Brains, Bullies, Bullets

In most areas school has started or will be starting soon. I know most parents are rejoicing, maybe a few tears, but mostly excitement. I know I’m excited. The school routine not only helps me build productive, educated, functioning, great individuals, but it also helps keep my house clean, cut down on laundry, cuts my bills (grocery and electric), I’m grateful for the school routine. As I sat with a slight glow and giggle awaiting the first day of school, a slow dark cloud crept in. This summer was really emotional. I had to talk to my children several times … Continue reading 3B Convo: Brains, Bullies, Bullets

Growing Up Too Fast

I knew this day was coming.  In my mind I found every reason to push it back or put it off.  I justified it with, she’s too little, her birthday comes late, she has her whole life to be in school.  In actuality I knew that once school became a reality I would have to admit, yet again, that one of my babies was growing up too fast.  I’m not ready.  Yeah I know you heard this last post but I’m having some moments here, everybody seems to be embarking on bigger adventures and they are ready and eager and … Continue reading Growing Up Too Fast

It’s Happened…The Dreaded Growth Spurt

I am all of 5 feet tall, give a 1/2 inch here and there.  My oldest daughter is about the same height and the youngest I can’t imagine will be over 5’4″ at her tallest (I’m giving a lot of inches here, a lot, lol).  My son has always been a mystery to me for a long time he was a short guy around 4’11”.  I always knew he had the potential to be taller, his uncle is around 6’3″.  Never in my wildest dreams did I expect so many inches to creep in at once.  I got relaxed in … Continue reading It’s Happened…The Dreaded Growth Spurt

Supplies, Supplies, Supplies!

It’s that time of year again, time to purchase SCHOOL SUPPLIES.  It’s time to gather your coupons, look through sales papers and scout for the best deals.  Before you spend a billion dollars, I’ll give a few tips I use to conquer “The List” and cut the cost.  If you’re anything like me, you can’t pass up a good school supply deal.  You probably bought extra last year just because you found a good deal and forgot all about the items.  It.s time to treasure hunt.  Look around your home for the extras you purchased previously.  Compare what is on … Continue reading Supplies, Supplies, Supplies!

You Are the HOTTEST MOM!!!

Recently I was able to reconnect with this month’s hottest mom. I have to say our friendship didn’t skip a beat. I am nominating her myself as I am proud of the awesome mom she is.  Carlyce Batts-John you are the HOTTEST MOM! I’m pretty sure she wasn’t expecting this. I hope I don’t embarrass her too much with my explanation of this nomination. WHen I first met Carlyce (CJ), she was/is an awesome mom, her kids are awesome, her husband is awesome, she comes from an awesome family, she however did not own her awesomeness. You see, often other … Continue reading You Are the HOTTEST MOM!!!