The Struggle is Real: Balancing It All

balancing mom

OMG already! Can someone step in and organize this thing I call life.  Have you ever had that feeling, that moment when you feel completely overwhelmed and you need Iyanla Vanzant to come in and fix your life.  We are over the halfway mark for 2016.  In the beginning I had lists, charts, files, I was organized.  As life happens, each month I became a little less organized and now I am all out of sorts.  What is a girl to do?

Recently I’ve made a list of what I want to do versus what I need to do, there is where the struggle lies. How can I determine wants and needs when some of my wants I feel I need. Confusing right, but if your anything like me you get it, somethings you just have to have but others may not consider them a need.  Needless to say these lists keep getting longer and longer, coupled with my children’s needs and a few of their wants, I am one heaping pile of lists.  So moms how do you do it, how do you meet your needs, your family’s needs and those things you all want.  I’m seriously asking because this young lady right here needs some help.

Here’s what I’m trying to do: lose 60 pounds, complete a blog project, network, get more involved with my kids schools, spend more time with friends, spend more time with my kids (doing something besides chores), spend time alone with my significant other, spend time alone with me, improve my credit score, apply to grad school, buy a house, look for a new car, take a mini vacation, find more money, start Christmas shopping, plan little hotness’ birthday party, plan my blog-a-versary, conquer the world.  So you see, you see why I can seem to get these lists together, there’s so much to do I don’t know where to start.  Life shouldn’t be this difficult, right?!  I mean ultimately I want to have a great life, one that I enjoy with people I love and who love me, and complete one of these damn lists.  The struggle is definitely real.

How will I do all of this? Well here’s my attempt, please feel free to comment your suggestions.  I’ve purchased a planner.  I know that my phone, my tablet, and my laptop can keep tabs of all of this for me, but I’m a writer, I need to write it down physically.  Also, I need a break from these gadgets.  I’ve also decided to bring the good old chore chart back from the basement.  For a while I was on a kick of allowing my children to just be children, they would have enough time in the future to do chores, go out enjoy your choreless life.  This lasted for 6 months, at this point in order for our home to remain a peaceful refuge, we all have to chip in, I admitted it to them, I need their help.  Create lists for the major areas of my life, home (includes children), work, blog, self, on each of these lists I will list 10 things I am trying to accomplish for that week.  Anything over 10 becomes a list for a list and I need to condense.  I got the advice of only listing 10 things from my dad, he says 10 things is manageable and even if you only complete half, it looks a lot better that not completing a list of more.  I’ve given myself list rules- 1. I will not punish/shame myself for not completing a list, 2. I cross off and celebrate my accomplishments, 3.  Life happens so if I have to go off list it’s not a problem.  Prayerfully this will help my overwhelming feelings of not accomplishing anything because I’m freaking out.

That’s a start! I’m hoping you all can give me some feedback to help me and anyone else reading, “Fix Their Life”.

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