You Are The HOTTEST MOM!!!

esha and girlsSo I’ve wanted to see this person appear on the HOTTEST MOM wall for some time, but I had to wait and see if she would be nominated.  Finally, I’m proud to be this hot mom’s biggest fan and big sister, congratulations to Ms. Esha Ansari, You are the HOTTEST mom for the month of July.  This hot mom is the mother of two amazing young ladies, Regional Coordinator for Cleveland YoungLives, and the Owner/Proprietor of Classy & Clean Girls.  Her love and passion for other mommies is what earned her this nomination.

When asked why I should consider Esha, I was curious, I mean I know my sister is an awesome mom, but I’d like to know what others think.  Her girls from Cleveland YoungLives had plenty to say.  They stated that she is open with them about her flaws as a mom, she doesn’t pretend to be perfect.  One said that watching Esha in action with her own children allows you to see how she really acts as a mom and it’s not fake.  I know for a fact that transparency is very important in this youth group, being able to do real life with the members is something Esha has stated numerous times.  The young women of this group admire and love Esha and recognize they are lucky to be doing life with her as well.

So for being an awesome example of motherhood we salute you!  You are the HOTTEST MOM!!!

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