The Struggle is Real: Balancing It All

OMG already! Can someone step in and organize this thing I call life.  Have you ever had that feeling, that moment when you feel completely overwhelmed and you need Iyanla Vanzant to come in and fix your life.  We are over the halfway mark for 2016.  In the beginning I had lists, charts, files, I was organized.  As life happens, each month I became a little less organized and now I am all out of sorts.  What is a girl to do? Recently I’ve made a list of what I want to do versus what I need to do, there … Continue reading The Struggle is Real: Balancing It All

Put A Ring On It (Part 2)!

Okay ladies, you heard from some of your sista friends (well at least my sista friends) a few days ago about why they are not married. Me being who I am wanted to find out what the fellas had to say.  So sit back, sip whatever drink you have and read on. The question posed to these awesome guys was “What stops you from popping the question?” I asked a variety so that we could get some insight, from the white collar to the blue collar, from thug life, to hustle man, to wall street, see their top 10 reason … Continue reading Put A Ring On It (Part 2)!

Put A Ring On It (Part 1)

So the other day I was giving the youngest hot kid a bath, when she asked me why I didn’t love her. I said, but of course I love you.  She then said, if you love me, then why you won’t marry my daddy?! **blank stare** When I looked around and saw that this wasn’t some surprise proposal scheme, I focused my attention back on to my little one, she needed an answer.  My youngest is 3 going on 35 her mind, reactions, and ability to hold these conversations always makes me smile, she’s a smart cookie, but in this … Continue reading Put A Ring On It (Part 1)

Being Nanekia….Beware of Paused People

Recently I was having a conversation with a friend.  We were doing our normal catch-up, when she asked me about my relationship with other friends and had they changed over the years and how I handled it.  Previously I’d written a post about friends and I’m always referencing the blog (get used to it) but I’d really been thinking about the dynamic of some of my relationships lately and gave her my most honest answer.  While I love all my friends and will always encourage and support them, I can’t stay on pause in relationships any longer.  After a few giggles, because … Continue reading Being Nanekia….Beware of Paused People