Dads Just Wanna Have Fun!

dad playing 1The other day I was doing my normal Saturday chores around the house. As usual I went to check on everybody and no one was at their assigned location.  Of course this annoyed me.  Why do I have to fight with everyone to get chores done, isn’t this our home?  I began yelling names, no answers.  I get to the kitchen and look out the window, there they were the whole damn crew playing outside.  As we all know, all mothers have prepared a speech for such an occasion, I had mine locked and loaded.  As I make my way outside I go back to the window as I hear a deeper voice full of laughter.  I look out the window again and who do I see, the One Handsome Dad, squirting water, tagging people, and throwing balls.  Annoyance level on 100!  Why does he get to have all the fun and I get to be the drill sergeant?! NO FAIR!!

dad playing 2So, instead of going outside as the drill sergeant, I went upstairs to change. As I headed toward the garage I saw everyone stop playing and starting (pretending) to pick-up the yard.  I thought, I got this drill sergeant thing down, but wait, I was out there to join in on the fun or at least try.  I walked past all of them without saying a word, went to my table, put my feet up and sat back.  They all stared in disbelief.  I didn’t yell or nag or give a dirty look, I just sat back and relaxed.  In typical One Handsome Dad fashion, he began to play with them all over again.  I mean they were having a really good time.  I wanted to be laughing, I wanted to get wet from the neck down, I don’t care how much we play, do not wet my hair.  Then I heard it, “Hey Nik, come here!”  The amount of joy I felt on the inside was amazing.  At first it was like being picked last for the team and then it was like who cares they want me to play on their team.  We played for a bit and then of course I had to get back to chores, someone’s gotta man the ship.  But for a moment I understood why the kids like hanging out with Dad, although he teaches, reprimands, and loves them, it’s ultimately in his nature to have fun, which makes him a funner (I made that word up) person.  I can’t be mad, that’s why I like hanging with him.

dad playingShout out to all the dads and kids ditching chores to go outside and play. Know that this won’t always be an excuse with mom, but she gets it (hopefully).  Don’t forget she needs to play to so invite her out to have some fun too.

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