Open Letter To My Daddy In Heaven

Dear Daddy,

People keep saying that with each day the pain will get easier. I don’t feel this way.  I’m missing you so much Daddy!  There’s a piece of my heart gone and an empty hole that I know can’t be filled is left there.  I miss you!

I miss our talks, the way you were always ready to listen and give advice. I miss the way you always tried to fix things around the house, despite not being so handy.  I miss the passion you showed when you talked about the family.  I miss our little jokes and the moments you wiped away my tears.  I MISS YOU!

I wish heaven had visiting hours or at least a day, I wouldn’t need words, just a hug from you Daddy. I pray that God allows all Daddies to see how much they are loved and missed.  I pray for you still, that you are happy, that you are not in pain.  I pray for us too Daddy, I pray that we will be thankful for having you be the man to show us what a man should stand for.  I’m trying hard to understand why my Daddy had to go away.  I mean, I wasn’t ready, had you really fulfilled your purpose and you could leave?!  This is so unfair, I wasn’t ready for you to stop being my Dad.  The pain can be unbearable, but mom said God makes no mistakes and I know she’s right.

Well Daddy, I’m going to go. I hope I’m still making you proud, love you!


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