Open Letter to a Father from “A Daddy’s Girl”

daddy paintingHey Daddy! It’s your princess here.  I just want to say thank you for being my hero.  Thank you for being the first man to show me how a lady should be treated.  You are always there with a helping hand, for all that “handy” work I need done or a shoulder when I believe life’s gotten too hard and I need some encouragement.  Thank you Daddy!

Daddy, can I ask you some questions? How did you become so amazing?  How did you know how to be such a good Daddy to me?  You always know what to do or say to make everything better.  You always let me know that I matter.  Even when I feel like I’ve disappointed you, you never shame me, instead you wipe the tears and help me get ready for whatever comes next.  I’m so happy God saw fit to match us up, I couldn’t imagine my life with another Daddy. 

esha daddy meDaddy it’s amazing to me that I can feel so much love from one person. Do you think I will ever find someone that will love me as much as you do?  By the way, I know you might not like him, but your approval of this man will mean so much to me.  I value your opinion.  You’re so smart and caring and genuine.  Those are all things I hope I find in the man who will be my kid’s Daddy.  Thanks for taking the time to teach me that being your true unique self matters and that I’ll need to be accepting (not a push over) of the best people have to offer even if it exposes some flaws.  Love is love and you have the choice to give it freely.  Thank you for loving me freely.

daddy meI hope I make you proud because I’m proud of you. You’ve planted a seed that is confident, gorgeous, god-fearing, intelligent, witty, strong, passionate, and loving.  You’ve watered and nurtured me until you saw a better reflection of you.  Daddy I will always be your little girl and you will always be my best Daddy ever, I love you!

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