Hot Tips from My Hot Daddy!

I love my dad, he is and amazing person. Fellas just for you, I asked him a few questions below are his responses.  My sister and I turned out to be AMAZING so heed his advice and your kids just might turn out amazing too.  Enjoy!   If you had to give a new dad advice about becoming a father, what would you say? Daddy: Know that your children are a gift from God, a blessing that you mold and guide.  This is another chance to get life right, by making better choices and avoiding some hurtful mistakes.  And know … Continue reading Hot Tips from My Hot Daddy!

Dads Just Wanna Have Fun!

The other day I was doing my normal Saturday chores around the house. As usual I went to check on everybody and no one was at their assigned location.  Of course this annoyed me.  Why do I have to fight with everyone to get chores done, isn’t this our home?  I began yelling names, no answers.  I get to the kitchen and look out the window, there they were the whole damn crew playing outside.  As we all know, all mothers have prepared a speech for such an occasion, I had mine locked and loaded.  As I make my way … Continue reading Dads Just Wanna Have Fun!

I Know You’re Not My Dad but Thanks for Playing the Part

Hey Granddad!   I just wanted to let you know that you are one cool dude, lol. There are many times that I miss not having my Dad around, but then you come through and remind me, I have a piece of him in you.  What more could I ask for then to have such an amazing person help raise me.  I remember I didn’t know how to tie a tie, mom had just bought a bunch of clip-ons (she was mad at the YouTube tutorial), when you saw the clip-ons you just laughed, I laughed too.  You didn’t make … Continue reading I Know You’re Not My Dad but Thanks for Playing the Part

Real Fathers, Real Moments

Thank you Dads for all your love, support, and laughter! HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! Many men can make a fortune but very few can build a family.–J.S. Bryan I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.–Sigmund Freud Meet Andre Watkins.  He is the father of Keyonna, DeAndre, and Desirae.  He has overcome many obstacles in his life all while raising three amazing young adults and being a great husband to Latoyia.  He is a great father who provides support physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  He keeps the kids laughing, but when it’s time … Continue reading Real Fathers, Real Moments

An Open Letter to my Bonus Dad

Hey Steve! I’m a very lucky girl! Not only did God see fit to bless me with an awesome dad, but in His divine greatness He saw fit to give me you as a Bonus Dad.  WOW!  How cool is that?!  I know in the beginning I wasn’t easy to get along with, but no matter what you still pushed through.  Day by day my heart softens towards you.  It’s amazing how emotional teenage girls can be (lol).  I bet you never guessed the amount of time it would take to crack through the tough wall that is my personality.  … Continue reading An Open Letter to my Bonus Dad