go hard or go homeHappy Monday! I really hope all the moms enjoyed their Mother’s Day, I know I did.  Today it’s back to business.  I want to touch on a subject that may be a little sensitive to some, but as always let’s start the conversation.  This past weekend I was out grocery shopping when I was approached by two young men outside of the grocery store.  Let me just tell you, I carry my own bags and if I don’t my son is there to help so immediately I was like no thank you! The young man asked if he could holler at me, which threw me because he looked about 17-18 and I’m cute, but I’m I could be your mama cute, lol!  I go in the store and I grocery shop, I can see through the window that these young men are approaching others as they walk in the store.  I pay for my groceries and I’m dreading going out the store cause I just want to get in my car, with my groceries and go home.  As I exit I hear him again say can I holler at you.  I said young man stop approaching people like that, come better than that.  He says okay Miss Lady Ma’am I’m taking donations for my mixtape I’m about to drop you can give me $5 or anything in your pockets (he told me I was cute too, but that’s neither here nor there).  I let him know I didn’t have any cash, but good luck with his hustle. I got in the car and prepared to drive away.  Then I stopped.

Sometimes I really wonder about this calling on my life to speak to our youth. They can be so aggravating.  But, I really just felt like these two could use a little advice.  So here we go…I said excuse me young man, what’s your sound, what is your music about?  He ensures me that it’s positive about the community.  I said, why did you pick this location to tell people about your mixtape?  Well we are just trying to get our sound out in the community.  Okay cool, at least they have a goal.  I asked, do you think this is the best location, I’ve been watching and besides myself everybody else going into this store is over 60 (I’m not just eyeballing people, this was clearly an older crowd).  They both have a blank stare on their faces.  I then asked, who do you want to hear your tape, do you think this crowd will be your audience?  He’s interested now.  I then say besides this grocery store what else is in the next two blocks on this street?  Well, it’s some beauty salons and barber shops, he’s looking interested still.  Exactly my friend, It’s Mother’s Day weekend, everybody is trying to get cute for church or dinner tomorrow, young, old, mama, grandma, daddy, granddaddy, why are you not checking out those places.  Young man who hadn’t said anything speaks up, they take too long and we have to wait for them. *GASP* Dude where is your hustle?!  If anybody understands what it’s like to have to build your roster, and to get the community to back you it’s the beauty and barber shops.  If you go in and play nice with the people they may consider letting you sell inside the shop.  I give them a couple of suggestions on how to approach the owners and beauticians/barbers, we shake hands and I’m out!

Parents, where are the hustlers?! Where is the grind in our children to believe in themselves so deeply that they pursue their dreams, even if they have to wait for Miss Jackson to finish getting her hair done?  These two young men were presentable, they somewhat had a plan but were letting the fact that they may have to wait stop them from pushing forward and waiting for a better opportunity.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not letting my children limit themselves because they may have to wait.  It’s time for some positive disruptive innovation.  It’s time to think out of the box when it comes to developing our children’s goal seeking abilities.  I know not everyone can be the next big rapper, but if that’s the dream shouldn’t they at least give it a proper go (I work with a British professor, he’s always saying give it a proper go).  I know for me personally I hate to see my children upset when they believe they have worked hard at something and it’s not recognized.  Lately though, I have to say, I’m proud of the effort.  I try to remind them that not every opportunity is meant for everybody and that if this is meant for them then to keep moving forward.  I also let them know that sometimes you may have to work harder than others to achieve your dreams, but in the end your hard work will pay off with either your dream coming true or a lesson.  Now some of our children are in phases of multiple fruition (they don’t know what they want to do) and you may have to have a talk with them, but for the most part let’s nurture these dreams.  Let’s not allow them to give up if they lose and even when they win let’s keep that fire burning.  It’s time parents, time to get your HUSTLE ON!

Do you know your child(ren)’s dreams or goals? How are you helping to nurture them?  Is there something you can show them about your own hustle that will help them with theirs?  #eachonteachone

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