The Guilt Trip

mom and nik

Dear Mom,

I want to thank you for being so generous on a regular basis and taking me on a trip I so enjoy. You know the one, the one you said you would never take your kid on because your mom took you, you know the “Guilt Trip”.  I look forward to our weekly guilt trips, it reminds me that you didn’t keep your promise (you know the one about you and your mom) and that just when I thought I’ve mastered parenting, BOOM, there’s so much more to learn.  Our most recent trip down Nagging Lane because I don’t visit enough was joyful.  In the past month we’ve also flown over to Overbearing Bridge, where I did not leap off.  And if that wasn’t enough I recall you taking out your map to see what uncharted territory we had not cover, because we’ve covered a lot, and right in the middle of the map was Highway to Hell, Exit how are you raising my grandchildren.  This guilt trip map is filled with so many places we have yet to discover, YAY (major side-eye).

The other day we were starting another guilt trip and you had to run back in the house. You left the map sitting on the seat so I decided to take a sneak peak, to see what I was in store for that day.  There was tiny writing next to some places we’d visited and places we were to go.  I had to put on my glasses to view.  There next to all the places were notes from you, Mom.  Where I had clearly marked the territory Nagging Lane, was a note about how much you loved to spend time with me and my kids and that you hoped I felt the same way.  There was a picture of us at Overbearing Bridge, in that picture was a rainbow I hadn’t noticed and you captioned it “God continues to shine a light on my beautiful daughter!”  You were coming out of the house, so I quickly looked over at Highway to Hell, there was a picture of me and my kids with a note that said I truly hope they appreciate the sacrifices she is making for them.  I quickly folded the map back the way you had it before you got back in the car.  As you started to take me to Better Start Eating Right Boulevard, all I could do was smile.

Thank you, Christine Moore Sanders for the many guilt trips we have been on and those to come. I love you beyond measure and I know that you are always looking out for me.  Happy Mother’s Day!



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