Hot Mommy Moments

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms, no matter what capacity you serve in, we all deserve to be celebrated.  For all the moms in heaven, we mommies here on Earth got you, Happy Mother’s Day in paradise to you! The first time I laid eyes on you, I knew we were made for each other! (Mama hot & Baby Hot) This little girl saved my life!! She’s taught me more things than I could have ever imagine, unconditional love was the most important!! I’m so honored to be your mother Addison you make being a mom a piece of cake!! (Krissy … Continue reading Hot Mommy Moments

The Guilt Trip

Dear Mom, I want to thank you for being so generous on a regular basis and taking me on a trip I so enjoy. You know the one, the one you said you would never take your kid on because your mom took you, you know the “Guilt Trip”.  I look forward to our weekly guilt trips, it reminds me that you didn’t keep your promise (you know the one about you and your mom) and that just when I thought I’ve mastered parenting, BOOM, there’s so much more to learn.  Our most recent trip down Nagging Lane because I … Continue reading The Guilt Trip

Top 10 Things Moms Want for Mother’s Day, But You Won’t Give

Peace and calm in the house. Every mom has a dream, that dream is that they will come home to a clean house that is quiet and peaceful. That all her children will be in harmony with one another. a. What you give: music blaring, food on fire in the kitchen, fighting with your siblings. b. Solution: Sit down, keep quiet.  A meal she does not have to cook that is edible a. What you give: Your version of Top Chef gone wrong. b. Solution: Keep it simple, if all you can make is eggs, just make eggs mom will … Continue reading Top 10 Things Moms Want for Mother’s Day, But You Won’t Give