What Makes A Mom Dateable?

Tips from a few fellas I know. Ladies, variety is the spice of life so I searched within different cultures, African American, Caucasian, Hispanic and Indian.  Here are their thoughts in no specific order. (a little eye candy for my ladies)

  • Time Management. Ability to make time for me, but at the same time still make her children a priority.
  • Independent. Know that I am willing to help in any way that I can, but it is not my responsibility to take care of her kids (if we are only dating)
  • An educator. She has one of the greatest opportunities ever given, and that is to mold young people and make this world better. If she is not willing to teach her children the things they need to know in life, we can’t date.
  • Determined. She needs to know what she wants in life and have the confidence to go after it. Having kids should never be an excuse for not following your dreams, they should be a driving force.
  • Sense of humor. She should be able to laugh and relax without being in constant mom mode.
  • Versatile. She should be able to adapt to any environment, whether watching sports, at a 5 star restaurant, or vacationing on an island she should know how to present herself.
  • I’m dating her, not her ex. While I understand he is the father of her children, I’m not trying to be his best friend.
  • Know our relationship status. If we are dating and feeling each other out, I’m not ready to meet your parents.
  • Don’t just throw your kids on me and try to force a relationship between us. You know your children and hopefully will get to know me enough that you will pick a great time for us to meet. Hopefully we will naturally build our own bond.
  • YOU ARE NOT MY MOM!! I have a wonderful mother who raised me and she did a great job because you’re interested in me. You don’t have to re-raise me.
  • If we get to a point where we become intimate, don’t be afraid to initiate. Also don’t use I’m a mom as an excuse not to be intimate.
  • Be sexy, MOMS can be sexy! Know you’re sexy and embrace it.
  • Communicate how you feel. I won’t be able to guess it with subtle hints you’ve got to tell me
  • Be spontaneous, I love an adventurer
  • Be available for travel, whether we have to bring the kids or not, just want to do it and help make it happen
  • Think before you speak or act.
  • Appreciate sports. You may not know all the teams or even know the game but take interest because more than likely I’m interested
  • Don’t pretend to be something you’re not. I want to get to know you.
  • Open-minded. Have a willingness to experience new things.
  • Attractive. I know what I am attracted to and what I’m not attracted to so believe me when I tell you.
  • She must be able to get along with my friends.
  • Curvalicious (yeah, someone said it) I like a woman with some meat on her bones and her curves are in all the right places.

So ladies there you have it, a few helpful tips from a few handsome fellas. Hope you enjoy!


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