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10 Things Kids Do/Say to Avoid Cleaning Their Room

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  • Fall asleep, yes my kids have actually gone into their rooms and fallen asleep to avoid cleaning their room.
  • Going to the bathroom. My youngest is 3 years old and will sit in the bathroom for 20 minutes to avoid putting away her toys.
  • I don’t feel good. You may find this hard to believe but this one is used often, by my 18 year old. She’s grown take a Tylenol and keep it moving.
  • Moving like a turtle. I was helping my son organize his room and I witnessed him taking 1 sheet of paper at a time a placing it on a shelf. I had to leave.
  • Call grandma or grandpa. This one gets me every time. I’m reminded of how when I was a child I never wanted to clean my room either. My mom takes it one step further and reminds me that my granny actually cleaned my room for me while I was at school.
  • Selfies. All three of my crew are guilty of taking selfies of them and their messy rooms when they should be cleaning.
  • Fake an injury. The injury is usually caused by something that should have been cleaned in their room and now I must determine if glue or stitches will be needed.
  • “It’s my room, why do I have to clean it?” I love this questions, it’s one of my favorites. I have a few answers: 1. I pay these bills these are my rooms and I like my rooms cleaned. 2. Because I said so! 3. Okay now, when something crawls in your bed in the middle of the night and eats you don’t scream for me.
  • “Will I get paid for this?” These kids are hilarious. My response: Did you eat today, are you wearing clothes? There you’ve been paid.
  • Lie about the room being cleaned. I’m actually shocked they still think this will work, like I can’t just go check their room.

How can you help your child clean their room? Turn off the Wi-Fi in the house, lol



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