You Are the HOTTEST Mom!

deborahOur hot mom for the month of April is proof that a praying parent can accomplish her goals. Congratulations…..Deborah Whitsett!  Deborah was nominated by her sister Angela McCrory for being a living, encouraging, and motivating example of what prayer can do in the life of parent and child.  Deborah, who recently wed in October of 2015, has worked hard to take care of her daughter, to give her the best, and to show her that hard work and prayer changes things.

When asked why Angela wanted to nominate her sister her expression of love came with ease. “Deborah is a caring, loving person. She loves everyone and goes out of her way to make people happy.  She not only makes sure her daughter is happy, but she makes sure she knows right from wrong and despite being a newlywed has managed to successfully navigate both being a mom and wife to please her entire family.”  (Squad goals!) Angela went on to say that she admires her sister’s because she’s a hard worker.  No matter what obstacles Deborah has had to face she never gives up.  Her love for family and friends is truly unconditional.  “My sister is goofy and has a way of making people embrace that goofiness.”


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