Our Family, Our Faith

So recently in entertainment news I see that Katt Williams has decided to challenge Kevin Hart’s comedic skills. The kids and I viewed the videos online and I wanted to take the opportunity to use this as a lesson.  See, we’d just been talking about a statement we’d recently heard used “Favor isn’t fair!”  This statement bothered me.  Why isn’t favor fair and who the hell said it’s not?  Ill break it down for you like I did my crew. I totally disagree with this statement. Take the issues going on with Katt Williams and Kevin Hart.  Why is Katt … Continue reading Our Family, Our Faith

Each One Teach One

As I mention in the Hot Mom, Hot Topics:  You Are the HOTTEST MOM post, Laniece recently graduated from college. In that spirit, if you are thinking about going back to school, here are a few sites that list the top colleges for people with children.  Investigate and let me know if you apply.  Each One Teach One! The 20 Best Colleges for Single Parents: http://www.thebestcolleges.org/the-20-best-colleges-for-single-parents/ Best Colleges for student with Children: http://www.bestcolleges.com/features/students-with-children/ Child Friendly College Programs for Parents: http://www.usnews.com/education/best-colleges/articles/2011/03/23/child-friendly-college-programs-for-parents Best Schools for Student Parents: http://study.com/articles/10_Best_Schools_for_Student_Parents.html I would suggest comparing all listed and noting the ones repeated on each site. Don’t … Continue reading Each One Teach One

Why We Love Auntie Iggie?!

Here are few of the comments from Laniece’s  nieces and nephews: I just love Auntie Iggie so much. ~ Anissa (3) She is supportive and always there when you need her. ~ Caylin (13) She takes great care of London and hustles hard. ~ Cashawn (16) She is super cool and laid back. She takes good care of London. ~ Caleb (18) Auntie Iggie is a good mom and aunt because in any situation she gets the job done. She is an ambitious hustler and will never give up.  There is only one Auntie Iggie and the family is lucky … Continue reading Why We Love Auntie Iggie?!

You Are the HOTTEST MOM!

Our hot mom for the month of March is supportive, courageous and got multiple nominations. Congratulations….Laniece Washington aka Auntie Iggie.   I asked Angela M., the first person to nominate Laniece, why Laniece should be considered the hottest mom, her response, “Iggie is giving, she’s my best friend, and she is beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.  She is the most giving person I know.  Her hard work and willingness to help others is amazing.”  This should have been one of the easiest post to write.  Everybody and I do mean everybody had something good to say about … Continue reading You Are the HOTTEST MOM!