Self-Care Suggestions

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  • Pray for yourself.
  • Be still. We all have a billions things to do every day, but you need to take some time breath, and be still.
  • Love you. Look in the mirror and remind yourself of how much you love you and mean it
  • Enjoy your day no matter what happens determine that you will find joy in your day
  • Be happy with who you are. Don’t compare yourself to others, you are the best you
  • Define your relationship with God (or your higher being of choice) don’t allow someone else to tell you what it should be
  • Cherish those relationships that nurture your well being
  • Don’t be afraid to claim what you deserve
  • Move your body, even if it’s off beat (lol)
  • Identify your purpose love it and live it

Mom Take Care of Mom- Permission Granted

jayda nix(Featuring Jayda Nix, confident, bold, young woman who is to go into the field of medicine, a junior in high school currently working with me as a mentoree in my office.)

Do you believe your mom takes good care of herself?
I believe my mom takes good care of herself.

Would you think your mom was selfish if she took time to do or buy something just for her, even if you wanted something for yourself?
No, being my mother’s only child she always has put me first. Now that I am older and can buy things for myself, my mother deserves to be able to do nice things for herself when she wants.

When your mom is tired and frustrated, have there been times you wanted to tell her to take a time out? Did you tell her to take a time out? Why or why not?
Usually when I see my mother stressed out, I will give her time to herself to let her feel better on her own. I won’t usually say anything to her because it could possibly make her mood worse.

Do you think if mom took better care of herself that would improve her relationships with others, give an example of improvement?
An example of an improvement could be the relationship between my mother and myself. Because I have not been working recently, my mother has had to come out of pocket for the things I used to take care of myself like hair, gas money etc. If she was able to focus more on herself and not small things like that, I think our relationship can be improved because she would see me as an adult while trying to slowly become more and more independent.

If you could give your mom something to take better care of herself, what would it be and why?
I would want to take my mom to the spa. As far as I know she has not been to one so I would want her to be waited on hand and foot to give her a chance to actually relax. Since she does almost everything around the house, this would be a day where everyone is doing things for her.

If you could say something, anything to your mom when she’s stressed what would it be and why?
I would tell my mom that nothing lasts forever especially not the struggle or stress. This is encouraging to her coming from her daughter to know that things will eventually be okay.

Does your mom show you that self-care is important?
Yes she shows me that taking good care of myself physically and mentally is very important. She always tells me to never do drugs because one incident can cost me my life. She also always instills in me the importance of safe and healthy sexual relationships. 

What do you do to take care of yourself?
I always try to make sure I am not under too much stress. Stress can cause serious health issues so when I feel myself becoming too pressured, I take a break to calm myself down. 

What’s a motto you live by that would express self-care for you?
I must love and care for myself before I expect anyone else to do it. If I don’t take care of myself and love myself, no one else will ever do it for me one day so I must know how to do it on my own. 

Give me your definition of self-care.
Self-care is taking care of yourself in all ways possible. Taking care of your body and not putting any and everything in it, it’s taking care of yourself physically. Taking care of yourself mentally AND physically is making sure you get enough sleep to be sure your mind and body functions properly. 


Being Nanekia: Refreshed & Renewed

nik2This month I’ve been focusing a lot on self-care. It’s something I wouldn’t normally embrace as I live and breathe for my family (at least that’s what they like to think.)  I have noticed though that I do need to take better care of myself physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and spiritually.  These are all aspects of my life that when out of alignment cause me a great deal of hurt.  Why would I ever want to hurt myself when I could just make a plan to take better care of me?  So for this installment of Being Nanekia, taking care of me, in some way, shape or form.

This month has been an eye opening, game changing month for me. I could say I began to meditate and I cried a river of tears to cleanse my soul, I could say I worked out every day and ate well portioned meals, I could say I saved a bunch of money by switching my car insurance.  That sounds great, sounds like I did some self-caring, none of that happened.  Instead I choose to embrace God’s vision for my life and noted that I had lacked in really taking care of myself spiritually.  If you’ve read any other post this month you may note they are faith based.  This has been heavy on me so I just let it flow through and whatever developed did.  When it came to self-caring for my spiritual state I knew exactly what I had to do.  For so long I have had a vision of helping others, women in particular be the best them they can be and to enjoy every moment of this thing we call life.  It’s hard to focus on that vision when there are so many other things to focus on, but in March I’ve felt such a strong pull to plant seeds, reap what I’ve sown and focus on the vision God has given me.  Why hadn’t I done this before?  I have no clue, was I scared, maybe, was I lazy, I’m sure on some days, was I distracted, I’m always distracted.  So what made me stop now and decide to focus in on my vision, my calling, nothing but God.

See what I know for sure is that when God has called you to do something He will make sure you get it done. We may think that someone else can do it or someone else is doing it, but no one and I mean no one can do what God has called you to do as an individual.  We each have a purpose here, there’s a reason your journey is your journey and no one else can take that trip for you.  My journey started many years ago.  I’ve always had it in my mind to be helpful, but it took some lessons and growing to be able to speak life into others without giving too much of who I am and need to be for myself and family away.  The need to help people never went away, no matter how I tried to alter my journey it was always there.  I read and study a lot.  I’m always drawn to a particular scripture or book focusing on using your gifts and talents to help others, mine just always focused on helping other women.  So I’m going to nurture and develop this gift and use it as often as possible.  I’m going to focus on getting my spiritual self together so that I can help others without harming myself.  Please pray for me.

How are you self-caring? Is there an area you should focus on a little more?  Be sure to take care of yourself, you’re the only you we have.