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faith stairsSo recently in entertainment news I see that Katt Williams has decided to challenge Kevin Hart’s comedic skills. The kids and I viewed the videos online and I wanted to take the opportunity to use this as a lesson.  See, we’d just been talking about a statement we’d recently heard used “Favor isn’t fair!”  This statement bothered me.  Why isn’t favor fair and who the hell said it’s not?  Ill break it down for you like I did my crew.

I totally disagree with this statement. Take the issues going on with Katt Williams and Kevin Hart.  Why is Katt really mad, what did Kevin Hart do to him for him to wage war on him?  The answer…nothing at all, Katt to me has the belief that favor isn’t fair.  Is favor not fair because Kevin’s career is soaring in the lime light, that he has crossed color lines, and he is everywhere on the big screen.  You honestly can’t not see Kevin Hart working right now.  Where have you seen Katt?  Most recently being arrested, making these videos about Kevin Hart and re-runs of his past comedy shows. Not to knock Katt he is funny, but what’s not funny is him tearing down another man trying to take care of his family.  Maybe favor isn’t fair because Ice Cube has been working with Kevin Hart, maybe it’s not fair because Kevin Hart left a broken relationship and was able to find love again.  Is Katt jealous? Maybe.  One thing I do know for sure Favor is definitely fair.

You may wonder why I say that, we’ve witnessed Katt have setbacks and we are cheering for his comeback. Kevin appears to be winning which must mean he’s receiving favor.  I’m sure Kevin has God’s favor upon him, just like I’m sure despite Katt’s setbacks he has favor as well.  Why can one person’s favor appear visible and yet we witness another struggle, I’ll tell you the secret.  Favor is fair because what God has meant for me is for me and what God has for you is for you, just like what God has for Katt and Kevin are for each of them.  God’s favor is not based upon some earthly structure that man has made up.  If that was the case would you have all you have?  There is definitely a higher power working on behalf of all of us to ensure that what is for us is for us and no one can remove that from you.  If we all had the same testimony we would not be able to fully appreciate God in all His glory.  Don’t you enjoy seeing God’s grace upon others, when they can tell you their story and you see, hear, and feel their victory.  It’s so awesome.  Favor is as fair as it can be based upon the testimony to be produced by it.  Think about the story of Job, although he went through great hardship things that  were meant for him weren’t removed from him and given to someone else, when his favor returned it was even greater because his story was already written and God’s favor upon him was already noted.  Favor is fair.

faith not easySo what did I tell my crew? The same thing I would tell anyone.  Jealousy, which is what I believe Katt Williams’’ problem really is, will have you questioning God, tearing down your brother, and be an unfulfilling reminder of what you think you deserve but do not have.  How do you conquer jealousy?  You remember that God reminds us in His word that He has already overcome this world (John 16:33), we don’t have to worry about someone else receiving our reward.  God also tells us if we delight ourselves in Him, I take this as praising Him, having joy in your heart for Him, then He promises to give you and me the desires of our heart (Psalms 37:4).  What greater favor is that?!

How do you teach your children about your faith and what you want to instill in your family? I may be a little unconventional, but I believe they are getting the message.

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