Why We Love Auntie Iggie?!

washington family

Here are few of the comments from Laniece’s  nieces and nephews:

I just love Auntie Iggie so much. ~ Anissa (3)

She is supportive and always there when you need her. ~ Caylin (13)

She takes great care of London and hustles hard. ~ Cashawn (16)

She is super cool and laid back. She takes good care of London. ~ Caleb (18)

Auntie Iggie is a good mom and aunt because in any situation she gets the job done. She is an ambitious hustler and will never give up.  There is only one Auntie Iggie and the family is lucky to have her. ~ Symone (18)

Laniece is a great aunt because she is very supportive and motivating. She truly cares about everyone and tries her best to be there for everyone she crosses paths with.  She motivates everyone to be a better person and to try to reach their dreams no matter the obstacles.  She is a very important person in my life and she is a great aunt. ~ Dasharee (21)

She helps everyone when they are in need. ~ Janayha (14)

She is always ready to give you a ride. ~ Jade (11)

She takes good care of my god brother. ~ Jayshawn (9)

She’s a Pisces like me why wouldn’t she be great. ~ Destini (15)

Auntie Iggie is a great aunt because she is always helping out. ~ Jamiel (12)


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