Quality Time Tips from My Crew

the simpsonsHere are a few things that we can all do together no matter our age,

  1. Eat. Whether you go out to dinner or make dinner together at home. This allows you to actually spend time together and have to interact. I suggest putting away all electronic devices (even the parents) and just being with each other.
  2. Dance. All these dances out now, the kids would love to believe they are all new, but we know there just a variation of dances we did and our parents did. The joy comes in allowing them to teach you how to do the dance. By the way the Quan is just the Four Corners, BOOM!
  3. Play with fashion. I often allow my kids to dress me. I like seeing their ideas of what I should or should not wear, it’s funny to me. (Note: I may never wear some of the outfits outside the home, lol)
  4. Take a ride. We love getting on the freeway and just driving. We have discovered the love of more places this way. We get lost, sometimes, but because we are not on a schedule at that time it doesn’t matter. We stop to eat plan our route to find our way back home and jam to our music.
  5. Scavenger Hunting. I love making up a scavenger hunt. Our favorite place to do this is Toys R Us. I make up clues about toys in the stores and the kids get to use their phones to take pictures and send to me once found. Yes, my 18 year old loves this too.
  6. We participate within our community. It all started with Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play, we got outside and got to playing, now it’s family tradition. Even if we miss the day, we make up our own day to go outside together, during good weather which is around 74 degrees for mommy. We also volunteer with the group Cleveland YoungLives. I want them to have a sense of community, what better way to show them, then to work alongside them.
  7. SkyZone, Chuck E. Cheese, Skating, Bowling. No matter how old they get, whenever I announce we are going to one of these places, excitement fills the air. Why wouldn’t it? I love jumping all around with no inhibitions. Teaching them how to skate has been a great joy of mine. By the way all can skate except Symone #fixitJesus. Bowling, we are one competitive family, so there’s always a good match and trash talking. Now Chuck E. Cheese is a demon for any parent, but because I love them and Symone knows how to get a lot of tickets, we venture there as well.
  8. Movie time. In my house we are action junkies, mix that with a cartoon or superhero, it’s a good time. Currently we are awaiting the release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2. Everyone even Anissa (3) will have their eyes glued on that screen.
  9. Walking down memory lane. Pulling out old pictures, music, and videos, always gets everyone’s attention. The telling of stories that seem so long ago is always good for a laugh. Laughter is good for the soul and that’s why we do it so often.
  10. Live by example. Whatever I am passionate about I go all the way in with. And now so do my babies. If I’m passionate about them then they go in with each other. We take our time together seriously and make it a priority. Show an interest in your family, embrace, and love on them as often as you can.


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