Quality Time Tips from My Crew

Here are a few things that we can all do together no matter our age, Eat. Whether you go out to dinner or make dinner together at home. This allows you to actually spend time together and have to interact. I suggest putting away all electronic devices (even the parents) and just being with each other. Dance. All these dances out now, the kids would love to believe they are all new, but we know there just a variation of dances we did and our parents did. The joy comes in allowing them to teach you how to do the … Continue reading Quality Time Tips from My Crew

Quality Time Anyone?

People always ask me how many children I have and how old are they. They are always shocked to find out the varying ages.  My oldest is Symone (18), my only son Jamiel (12), and my little princess Anissa (3).  I know there are some huge age gaps there.  My only explanation for this, I was having so much fun with each of them when they decided to stop being bothered with me, I had another, lol.  Just kidding, but not.  I enjoyed all the years I was able to enjoy with each child in their first developmental stages that … Continue reading Quality Time Anyone?