How Can You Help Cleveland YoungLives?

​PASSION, PURPOSE, MINISTRY! Our volunteers are God fearing, Christian women and men who are committed to building relationships with teen mothers across the city of Cleveland; by inspiring them and encouraging them to give their lives to Christ!  There are several capacities to serve as a volunteers for Cleveland YoungLives. Become a Mentor Many teen moms are in desperate need of someone to walk with them through the challenges they will face in being a young mother. Others have experienced the scars of emotional and physical abuse and are in danger of continuing that cycle with their children. The loving … Continue reading How Can You Help Cleveland YoungLives?

Why Cleveland YoungLives?

The Vision Cleveland YoungLives, is committed to reaching teenage girls who are pregnant or have already entered the role of motherhood, by entering their world and modeling the unconditional love of Christ. A young mother’s need for unconditional love, compassion and parental guidance places us in a unique position to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to this extremely vulnerable group of individuals. The Purpose There are more than 1 million teenage girls who become pregnant every year, and more than 500,000 of them become mothers.  This makes YoungLives mission one that is ripe for harvest.  We believe that we … Continue reading Why Cleveland YoungLives?

You Are the HOTTEST MOM!

I’m excited to announce our HOT MOM of the month…….Niesha Moore!  Niesha was nominated by Esha Ansari for the month of February. I would like to nominate Niesha Moore, as a “HOT MOM”! I met this spunky 23 year old about 4 years ago, through my teen mom program Cleveland YoungLives. The goal of YoungLives is to enter a teen moms world modeling the unconditional love of Christ, and encouraging them to become the women and mothers God created them to be. Niesha, is an amazing mom to her daughter Karmyn and son Kyle. She loves her children so much!  … Continue reading You Are the HOTTEST MOM!