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being nanekia 1Big fan, Being Mary Jane, let’s get to the good stuff. So there seems to be a theme in almost every Being Mary Jane episode and that is all of the people in her life rely on her for assistance.  Does that not sound familiar to some of you?!  I’m sure we all have a story as to being the strong one in the family, the one who has to resolve issues within our families and with our friends.  The person that people look to when they are in trouble, sad, hurt or confused.  It’s a cross that far too many moms I know carry.  Lately in my conversations I have been hearing this over and over again.  The reasons why moms can’t embrace their feelings or step out on faith is because they feel it would interfere with them helping someone else.  NEWFLASH “HELP YOURSELF!”  How many times have you not accepted an invitation or passed on an opportunity because you thought it would limit you being able to be helpful?  I am so guilty of this it hurts my heart sometimes to think of chances missed.  Well, it’s never too late to start taking advantage of those things now.

In the last week I have had several conversations with people about embracing who I am as a person. If you know me then you know I have no problem loving on me.  But I also give myself a lot of grief about my own expectations when it comes to helping others.  For me, I want to step out, build my business, interact with others doing their thing, but my list of obligations sometimes won’t, or at least I tell myself, won’t allow me to.  I have bills to pay, I need to spend more time with my children, I need to have a date night, I need to call my parents, I have to volunteer here and there and everywhere, I have to clean my house, I have to read this book, the list goes on and on.  I have more excuses for not doing things that I am passionate about and blaming those around me when the truth is, my schedule truly is up to me.  Nobody is going to fall off the face of the planet if I decide to do something for myself.  I have dreams just like those around me and while I want to see us all succeed and our dreams come true, I have to take the time and have faith in my own dreams.  This is how it goes, I will be amped about working on my own project, then someone will reach out to me for advice, in the blink of an eye, I have put together their resume, business plan, gotten them a loan for a start-up and *poof* there my project sits, over in the corner, alone, gathering dust.  Don’t get me wrong I love to feel needed and I like the fact that people want to pick my brain and think I’m creative, but I also want to accomplish my goals.  The pressure of trying to be so helpful all the time has thrown me for a loop on too many occasions.  Why can’t I just say no or have the discipline to step aside and let people be in charge of their own things. It’s a battle within me and I’m working on it.

It’s time, it’s time to see me, to look in the mirror and not just see a mom, daughter, co-worker, friend or significant other, but to see that diva who’s going to thrive at building her own brand. If you haven’t been of Facebook this week (shocking), then you might have missed a video going around posted by Steve Harvey.  In the video he talks about the JUMP.  Everyone in life has to jump, if you want to move forward you have to jump.  Now while jumping you have a parachute and once you pull the cord you expect for it to stop you from freefalling, but sometimes that parachute won’t open up in time and you might get some bumps and bruises along the way, but that’s okay.  Eventually though, when the timing is right for you, that parachute will open and the leap you took will be so worth it.  I’m ready, are you with me?! Let’s JUMP!

Steve Harvey: JUMP!

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